The Albany Eats! Cookie Swap

The First Annual Albany Eats! Cookie Swap was such a blast!

I woke up way early and stumbled around the house cleaning for a few hours. I both suck at cleaning, yet want a clean house for folks when they come over. I took my candy cane cookies out of the freezer and baked them up. 6 dozen is a whole lot!

(Sorry, tilt your head to the left!)
First to arrive was M, who made vegetarian and non-vegetarian mincemeat cookies, snickerdoodles, and minty Andes chip cookies. She brought such a delightful array! Yummy! I’ve never had mincemeat and I really liked the veggie and non-veggie kind. Very warm and holiday-ish. And those spearmint Andes chip cookies? OH YUM TOTALLY FULL OF WIN.

Phairhead and SexyBeast came in shortly after with oatmeal cookies. Yum! Oat-y goodness.

Next to arrive was JoJo and her beau. She made eggnog cookies that I was totally looking forward to trying – and they were awesome! Noggy, creamy bites of goodness. She also made a fudge-y brownie sweet that rocked. Albany John kept nibbling on them. I am going to need to take another picture if there are any left at home!

JoJo also brought cute tins for everyone to take home. They were so freaking cute, and very, very helpful. Much more cookie protecting than say, ziploc baggies.

Lol, so yeah, perhaps unlike other cookie swap parties, we all were nibbling on cookies. So good!

And guys, I think some folks didn’t take nearly enough – I have a LOT of cookies left over. Next year I promise I’ll be more forceful with how we dole out the cookies!

After battling crappy roads, R and M made it! She made Filipino cookies!!! Holy crap were these good! Crumbly yet rich, I really want the recipe (hint, hint) for the puffy ball ones (dude, my bad, I totally forgot the name for these cookies). They were like meringues, but more cookie-like. Or like a super light and airy cookie.

My mom also came in with toffee cookie type bars slathered in chocolate. I didn’t get a pic of those, but oh man! They are really rich and good. Nuts, caramel, rich bar base, chocolate, and coconut.

Also present were Ellsbells, Bro, and Margarita. They didn’t bring cookies but were chilling with the rest of us.

Everyone, thank you all for coming over! I had such a great time and I think everyone else did too! And now we’ve all got cookies (but next year everyone take more cookies!) for the holidays!

  1. Sandor said:

    Mmmm… cookies.
    Can't wait till M. is done with school and we can do fun food things again.

  2. SANDOR!!!



  3. thanks again for letting us make a mess of yr lovely home 😀

    i still can't decide my faves. everything was tasty tasty tasty. Sexybeast was a fan of the Filipino cookies.

  4. M and I have been fighting over who gets to eat what. I wanted to get more candy cane cookies, but I didn't want to look cookie greedy.

    But yes, to echo phairhead's comments… thank you for hosting this! We will have to do it again. Doesn't necessarily have to involve cookies, but it wouldn't hurt =)

  5. P – pshh, you better try harder to mess it up next time!

    lili – OH DUDE. Seriously, drop by and get more cookies!

  6. Grace said:

    fellow foodies and copious cookies–a party couldn't get much better!

  7. Mari said:

    Oh, if I were in Albany, I definetly want to join this party! It looks so exciting!

  8. Grace – you said it, sister!

    Mari – It would have been wonderful to have you!

  9. Wow what a delicous looking gathering!

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