I made latkes last night in celebration of Chanukah. I invited Bro and Margarita along, and Ellsbells also popped in. I like holidays revolving around oil and frying things. Happy Hanukkah.
I used the recipe CelinaBean put up, and she is quite right – it is a great recipe, and the way I’ll make latkes from now on.

They turned out very well – Crisp and crunchy on the outside, and warm, soft fluffy potato-goodness on the inside. I didn’t realize I was running low on white potatoes, so I used a big sweet potato as well. You can see the sweet potato latkes above, frying with ferocity in the oil.

First, some peeled white potatoes and one onion. I think this batch was heavy on the onion, but I certainly don’t mind. I didn’t have scallions, so I tossed in some shallot bits.

After being chucked to shred in the food processor, squeezed, then left to drain for a further 15 minutes. It is mixed up with egg, and some of the residual starch left from the water drained from the potato.

Frying! They are kind of like hash browns, only way better. I fried these over medium heat, but kept having to increase the heat over time.

Fin. Some golden edges. There were more than this, just the first picture I snapped.

Not carrots, but sweet potato and onion. I forgot to add shallots to this batch, but no one seemed to mind. I had to add three eggs to get this to bind. The sweet potato is much less wet than a regular potato, even after letting it drain, etc.

The sweet potato was also more crumbly, which just meant letting it fry a little longer before being tempted to flip it, otherwise it would self-destruct and get crumbly and fall apart.

I meant to try and add some cool fillings like Celina did, but I didn’t get the time to. They were still good as-is. The sweet potato latkes also crisped up nicely and were not too sugary-sweet. A hint of sweetness, but not overwhelming. I was very happy with how well they crisped up.

Surprisingly, I had no nibblers while I was frying, and while waiting for all of these to get done (I had two plates of sweet potato latkes and one plate of white potato latkes), not one latke turned soggy. Very miraculous.

Served with applesauce and a tasty vegetable dish that Albany John made. We were out of sour cream and yogurt; otherwise I would have had those as well. I am very thankful I have caring family to spend holidays with.
  1. OMG! i love fried potatoes. 😀

    instead of sweet potatoe, my brother makes his w/ carrots. it's pretty and i trick myself into thinking it's healthy for me 😀

  2. Jennifer said:

    Those look really good. I grew up eating the ones my nana made, those are the best.

    I love them but I never make them because I hate the smell of oil frying, it always lingers for so long.

  3. Grace said:

    well hello, bubbling oil. how you do entice me.

  4. Mazel tov. I too rarely make these at home. For me it's less about the smell, and more about the greasy splatters.

    Luckily I still get invited over to friends to partake in their efforts.

  5. Oh do I love fried potatoes. I used to make it all the time, but was probably before the lazy got the best of me.

    But now I have a food processor, so I really have no more excuses. Never tried it with apple sauce, but I am a firm believer in the sour cream.

    Or, if I just want to treat the potato for what it is (and it is a fried potato), I season well and slather on the ketchup.

  6. Ohhhh, I am so glad you liked them!

    We put hot peppers in this year, but they had no spice at all. Still, everything else worked out. But next year, I am going to have to make it to the Asian market for Latkefest. No more hot peppers from Price Chopper!

  7. Anonymous said:

    Yum! We had our celebration at my dad's house on Wednesday evening. Every year I show up dressed in my grubbies and do all of the cooking. I'm no fool. I leave the smell there and jump in the shower as soon as I get home.


  8. p – woah, they aren't too sweet with carrots?

    lk – applesauce made me think it was healthy!

    Jennifer – I don't mind the oil smell. Just makes me want to fry more. I called my grandma Nana, too :D.

    Grace – so hypnotizing, right?

    Daniel B – you are lucky! I don't have many Jewish friends up here, and the ones that are don't really cook/observe. Luckily I suffered no splatters!

    lili – Oh, I should have broken out the seasoned salt!

    Celina – the woman who made it all possible! The asian market peppers are SPICY! I still think jalapenos would be good in there too. Maybe I'll try that out this weekend.

    Kerosena – good plan! Sounds like you were cooking for an army!

  9. Ellie said:

    I totally thought they were carrots when I popped into the kitchen.

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