Crown Royal Cask No. 16

I was just over at Empire Wine yesterday to pick up some boxed wine when a box of Crown Royal Cask No. 16 caught my eye.

I love Crown Royal and the $29.00 price tag also caught my eye. Evidently, it normally retails for much more. Empire Wine priced the retail value at $80.00 per 750 mL bottle.

You can probably see how it caught my eye. It’s encased in a sturdy black container and has shiny golden writing on the outside of it. It’s a blend of whiskeys that have been aged in cognac barrels. Or so the pretty writing tells me.

After you open the black container up, the bottle is also swathed in a Crown Royal bag with gold colored embroidery, but the bag itself is black instead of the usual purple.

And finally, after getting through all of those pretty layers, you get this pretty bottle. The top is a plastic screw top. Kind of odd, I thought it would be metal or something, not plastic.

I popped the bottle open and poured them into my snifters. I think it looks cute. I doubt it’s proper, but oh well. Cuteness reigns supreme in my house.

It smelled very sweet – lots of caramel/brown sugar notes and vanilla. I could sniff this all day.

Taste-wise, I am not a fan of it. It was a little smokier than I would have liked and had a very harsh acidic finish. I was not expecting that kind of a finish. The overall mouthfeel felt lighter than the regular Crown Royal. The overall flavor was more floral than sweet, which was a bit of a surprise given how sweetly it smells. More of a cognac than a whiskey, I suppose.

An ice cube in the drink mellowed out the harshness – let it sit a few minutes to water it down just a bit.

I will try this again later today on the rocks, but overall, I think I prefer the regular Crown Royal to Crown Royal Cask. I will probably also try it as an old fashioned, but I think it might just mask the taste. We shall see.

At any rate, it was worth a try for that price. It would also probably be an impressive gift to someone for only $29.00 since it normally retails for much more.

  1. llcwine said:

    I got a bottle of it at All Star, I believe similar price. I agree with you…I'm not a huge fan of it compared to the other varieties of Crown Royal.

  2. Here is what F. Paul Pacult has to say on the hooch:

    Defines “bronze” in a whisky appearance; flawlessly clean and clear. Smells of leather, cereal grain, breakfast cereal, and dates in the first sniffs; bouquet expands with seven minutes of aeration to include raisins, nuts, and figs. Entry is lushly delicious and silky textured, with big flavors of grape preserves and black plums; midpalate is semisweet and concentrated on dried fruits, especially black raisins and prunes, but there’s also a fine wood aspect that’s just slightly resiny but more sweet and vanilla-like. Finishes with elegance, substance, and tons and tons of dried fruits.

    He gives it a full 5* rating and lists its
    retail price at $100.

    Hope that when I make it back into town all-star still has a couple of bottles for me to buy.

  3. maybe this will work better.

    Defines “bronze” in a whisky appearance; flawlessly clean 
    and clear. Smells of leather, cereal grain, breakfast cereal, 
    and dates in the first sniffs; bouquet expands with seven 
    minutes of aeration to include raisins, nuts, and figs. Entry 
    is lushly delicious and silky textured, with big flavors of 
    grape preserves and black plums; midpalate is semisweet 
    and concentrated on dried fruits, especially black raisins 
    and prunes, but there’s also a fine wood aspect that’s just 
    slightly resiny but more sweet and vanilla-like. Finishes 
    with elegance, substance, and tons and tons of dried fruits.

  4. llcwine – Yay, at least I'm not alone!

    Daniel B – 2nd time is way easier on the eyes. Thanks! I'm interested in what you have to say about it. And if there isn't anything left in the stores, I'll see if I have anything left at home. I'll have to do the 7-8 min aeration, too.

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