Fuzzy Squash Curry

Sometimes I think I should have a tag that says “Nyah Nyah, this is what I get to eat”.

Albany John made a curry from the fuzzy squash I bought and also tossed in some onions, flax seeds, yellow mustard seeds, napa cabbage, and a roasted acorn squash with some curry flavoring and coconut milk. It tastes like it’s creamy, almost like he plopped in a bunch of romano cheese, or sour cream. But nope, none of that.

Acorn squash is usually a little too sweet for me in savory dishes, but it is great here – with all of the other flavors going on it adds just a touch of sweetness to round out and enhance the heat and complex spices.

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  1. oh yeah! you should totally have that tag đŸ˜€

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