Mashed Potato Bread

This week has been a little hectic for me. Bro and Margarita moved to Mississipi. Albany John and I helped them pack up some of the big stuff into the U-Haul truck on Monday evening. From here on out I am officially banning my friends and family from moving in the winter. Seriously, I think I’ve moved more people in the center of winter’s freezing grasp than in the summer.

They got pepperoni pizza and some wings. Yay – too many people do not understand that when people help you move, you buy them some galldurn pizza and beer. When there is no food and/or beer after moving someone’s crap in and out of somewhere for free, I generally think “Geeze, what an ass. Well, I’m not doing that again.” Seriously, I’m an awesome mover – I can move or help move just about anything and I’ve moved enough that I know just how to tetris all that junk into your vehicle.

And then there were just my normal idiosyncrasies of thought. I haven’t felt like drinking that much/at all this week, so my brain feels all hyperactive. Or something like that. I’m kind of curious to see how long this clean living kick will last.
Baking bread generallly quells my restlessness, and eating makes me feel good. So I searched around for a hearty-yet-tender bread recipe, and by golly if I didn’t find one that looked gooooood.

Potato Sour Cream and Chive Bread

I didn’t have chives, but I kept everything else about the same in the recipe. I used 2 medium peeled potatoes – that seemed to work out to about the amount the recipe called for. I didn’t mash it all that well – there were still some lumps. But the bread turned out moistly dense, but not too heavy and gummy like some other potato bread recipes can be.
I didn’t get much of a tang from the sour cream. I wonder if yogurt would also work?

I really like this bread. If you want something a little heartier than white bread, definitely try this recipe out. I made one big loaf and about a dozen rolls (I froze the rolls). Ellsbells can attest to how moist and tender this loaf was. It looks kind of dry in the sliced picture, but trust me – it’s not at all.

And lemme say – slathering a slice with some unsalted butter and bacon salt? Definitely a good idea. Definitely.

  1. I'm so trying that…and it's going to have bacon in it maybe with some cheddar on top.

    Right after I get over my fear of using yeast in baking.

  2. If I knew where the bread machine was, I would totally do this. My attempts at bread making outside of it keep failing

  3. ooh, i think cuteella had a real brainwave w/ the bacon and cheddar.

    listen, chica, if you feel like talking, drop me a line 😀

  4. That looks delicious – you're totally right, hearty yet tender! I'm sure yogurt or creme fraiche would sub in just fine.

  5. grace said:

    there's nothing like some hearty bread (and super hot soup) to help thaw out numb fingers. what an interesting loaf!

  6. Jennifer said:

    Have you tried this recipe with whole wheat flour? Or even white wheat flour? I may have to experiment. I'm intrigued by the potato in it, when I was a kid I used to love potato bread but as an adult I rarely eat white bread outside of baguettes or that type of bread.

  7. ella – bacon + cheddar sounds like such a winner! I use instant yeast – just chuck it in. No muss, proofing, or fuss!

    Lili – you can do it!

    p – aw, thanks.

    Boots – yogurt might give it some nice tang too. Yummy.

    grace – I can't wait to see how the rolls turn out. I probably could have tried to make it pretty with an egg or milk wash, but… eh. Lazy.

    Jennifer – I usually put too much WW flour in, resulting in a heavier/denser loaf. I do like tossing in the handful or two of bran every now and then when I bake, tho. This was the first time I tried this recipe, so IDK how other flours would work.

  8. DelSo said:

    @Lilimonster – I never could make bread work with my bread machine, whether I used a mix or measured ingredients myself. After reading about No-Knead Bread in the NY Times a few years ago, I got rid of my bread machine and have never looked back. Delicious, crusty and light. Try it!

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