Albany John made meatballs and cooked them in a creamy sauce. They were freaking amazing.

Chock full of paprika – I could even see ribbons of paprika in the middle of some meatballs.

We kind of needed to use the meat up, and this was a good use for it. Otherwise I think meatballs are a little meat heavy for me – I can eat a lot of meatballs because they’re so freaking good! I can’t just eat three of them. So for me, meatballs aren’t very frugal since Albany John and I can do lots of frugal things with ground meat that stretch it a lot farther than meatballs.

  1. ooooh… and here I am thinking of Swedish meatballs!

    I think another trip to Ikea is in my very near future.

  2. they looked like they would have been nummy w/ egg noodles

    mmmmmm meatballs……

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