Those Awesome Cinnamon Rolls

So those cinnamon rolls I was proofing yesterday turned out really, really well. Super sticky sweet, caramel-y, and with a soft and fluffy dough. I fuond some pecans in my pantry and tossed those in there too.

Definitely give this recipe a try, I love it tons! I was skeptical about adding the egg and butter after the water to the dough (wasn’t sure if it would fully incorporate), but it worked out very well, with a nice tender & sticky dough that rose beautifully and resulted in the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever made by a long shot.

I only made half of the recipe since this was just for the two of us (well, a surprise for Albany John) and wow – it still made about a dozen! I put them all in a small-ish glass baking dish and they rose to fill the whole pan.
The only real deviation I had from the original recipe was that I used approximately 2 egg yolks since I had some leftover yolks in the fridge. If anything, it helped create a richer dough.

Mmm, caramel glaze, so yummy. The baking time is perfect – just lightly browned all over and the bread was incredibly moist. It still is a day later, and you know how baked sweets tend to dry out. Love it. The caramel was just the right amount of sticky sweet, too.
These remind me of the cinnamon buns/rolls Papa Amherst made during Christmas – I just love that caramel coating. Sooo good.
  1. grace said:

    i can't even imagine how fat i'd be if i had cinnamon rolls accessible to me at all times. i'd be a whale. love these, especially with that glaze!

  2. Joy said:

    Hi Jane! I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe! Look at that fully risen dough! Awesome. You just reminded me that I need to make these again. You just gave me an idea, I might try the egg yolks, too. I'll be making macarons this weekend and I'll have lots of yolks to use up. šŸ™‚

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