Fried Spring Rolls & Cilantro Chutney Rice

Albany John whipped up a small arsenal of fried spring rolls. Holy cow were these good. I noticed he had the Vietnamese Cooking book out and he said “Yeah, I looked at the recipe and… this is basically nothing like that, but I kind of went from there. I just used what we had.”

He’s so modest. They were super crunchy and good. I think they’d be even crunchier if we let them dry a little more. I think the excess water made them harder to fry cleanly.

What’s inside? Well, we’ve got some rice noodle action going on as the main filler, and some reconstituted dried shrimp & mushrooms (not shiitakes), some nam pla (fish sauce), and some chopped up roasted peanuts because Albany John is just crazy about me.

I’ve been on a serious peanut kick lately, and he is so sweet to indulge me. These babies were great – savory, crunchy, and really plentiful. We were wondering how much a serving should be. Maybe a 2-4? I ate about a dozen.

But I ate it with this rice, so that cancels out all negative health effects. I didn’t steal any rice from a Seuss novel, but this one was my idea. Albany John maned up and put it into action.

I have serious love for The ‘Potle. Chipotle’s cilantro-lime rice is fan-freaking-tastic. There’s a small tub of Indian cilantro chutney in my fridge. A little goes a long way flavor-wise, and what would happen if you put some in with your rice to cook?

Result = Green chutney rice! There are some dyes in the chutney, haha. I really thought it was cute. The flavor was like a milder version of the chutney, which makes sense since you’re cooking it with rice and water, not just rice + cilantro chutney. A teensy bit of butter made me allllllmost think of Chiptole’s rice, but not really.

But now I’ve got a great side dish for St. Patty’s Day!

  1. yr guys are sooo awesome w/ the culinary inspirations 😀

  2. I like spring rolls. I grew up eating a lot of it because my mother likes cooking it.

  3. grace said:

    sometimes i use so much cilantro in a given dish, all you see is the pretty green leaves. your rice sounds AWESOME.

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