Blue Cheese & Caramelized Onion Dip

I spent the past week trying not to buy groceries. It was a pretty successful week – I love grocery shopping, but… you know. Budget and all that stuff. The monthly payout from my trust fund was running low and I didn’t want to have to run to Mummy or Daddykins and look irresponsible – you guys know how it is. I even had to cut back on the beluga caviar and Dom Perignon.

Albany John and I managed to not buy more groceries and live out of what we had at home. We’ve got a well-stocked kitchen, it’s just so easy to run out and grab “one more thing” to really jazz up a recipe. I know my girl CuteElla likes playing the grocery shopping holdout game, but oh man, not me! If I could grocery shop every day I totally would (I’d also be funneling seafood at every meal and swilling cheap champagne).

Still, adjustments in lifestyle of any kind (even if they are as fabulous as my own) aren’t always a peach to adapt to. Thank goodness my food coffers were way more stocked than I had initially though. This week was also probably good just to not consume as much, in both budget and in commodities.

And so I give you: blue cheese and caramelized onion dip.

Things I have had in my fridge since Thanksgiving: cream cheese and blue cheese. That blue cheese really lasts a long time! Wow. Color me impressed. It was the cheapest blue at the co-op (and really, not that cheap at $10-11/lb…) but too sharp for me to be enjoyable. The cream cheese was unopened – you know how long they last unopened (forever).

I used both of them and a little butter. Damn, that blue cheese really lasts a long time. But, Albany John pointed out: “It’s moldy cheese. What’s it going to do? Get moldier? Oh no.”

I’ve almost always got onions at home, so I caramelized 4 of them in the oven (way less work than stove top) and blopped them on top of the cheesy, buttery goodness. Also chucked in some salt. The heat from the onions softened everything up so all the ingredients blended together to the pile of dip you see above.

This was a creamy blue-y dip. It would also be pretty damn good as a non-traditional béchamel or ricotta-filling sub for lasagna. We learned this the next day when we were eating leftovers another night and Albany John was slathering the hell out of this dip all over some manicotti.

  1. grace said:

    well, this is a conundrum for me–i LOVE caramelized onions and HATE blue cheese. regardless of my issues, good for you for limiting your grocery shopping!

  2. DelSo said:

    We make a version of this at our house, too. The difference is that I place the carmelized onions on thinly sliced pieces of a baguette, and then top with crumbled blue cheese. Pop in the oven til cheese is melty and delicious – an easy cocktail party appetizer.

  3. Jennifer said:

    I love onion dip. Never thought of trying it with blue cheese. Have you ever seen the Ina Garten version of onion dip? It's absolutely decadent which of course means it's fabulous.

  4. p – oh it was. Took several days to eat, and i <3 dip!

    MattW – HAHA, I'm not knocking that either! I freaking love any oniony dips – there aren't enough!

    grace – just leave out the blue and put in sour cream! Instant problem solver!

    DelSo – oooh, that sounds beautiful! And impressive! I'll have to remember that.

    Whitney – and oddly good on pasta. Who knew?!

    Jenna – no, but now I think I need to. Yay dip!

  5. Aw! you played my game 🙂 I'm so proud…even if you don't love it.

    But I do have to say that that looks so awesome! I might just have to make it and bring it to the next function I go to. Thanks for the idea!

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