Adzuki Sprout Salad + Canned Octopus

Albany John is a sprout master. He’s so successful at sprouting whatever he puts in that sprouting jar of his. He normally hates adzuki beans (the beans that all of those Asian sweet bean desserts are made of), but he likes sprouting them. I like them too – they are really hearty beans!

They take about 5 days to sprout, and you need to rinse them 3 times a day. They’ve got just a hint of sweetness, but for the most part they are beany and dense (more so than mung bean sprouts or soy bean sprouts).

We always eat them raw, usually in some kind of salad. Albany John made a salad of mung bean vermicelli, blanched napa cabbage, and raw onion to accompany these pinky-red adzuki sprouts. He also made a kicky dressing that went really well with all of the ingredients.

I “helped” by foisting one of my new favorite foods on top of our salads. Canned octopus!

(I know, I know, Grace, you’re gonna gag lol)

I’ve had a couple of these cans of octopus already and I really like them. They’re Del Sol brand Octopus in Garlic Oil. I get them at Save-A-Lot for $0.99 per can. It works out to under $4 per pound. It’s a nice way to affordably treat myself to little bits of seafood, and I normally don’t buy octopus at all – it’s a little hard to find around here and costs more than $4/lb fresh.

The octopus might be a hair potent on first bite (I mean, it is canned seafood), but that quickly dissipates. Anything tart helps counter this (lemons, vinegar based salad dressings, etc.). I don’t find pungent fish too repugnant, so it doesn’t bother me much. Surprisingly, it’s tender. For the price, I was expecting some tough pieces, but these are tender little pieces of cut up tentacle.

For what it is, I really enjoy it. Like I said, it’s just a little seafood treat. I’m like a cat. Mewmewmew cheap seafood mewmewmew.

I also tried making mashed potatoes again. Next time I just have to work on adding less liquid. I peeled, chopped, & boiled potatoes for 10 minutes, then browned butter (it tasted like the freezer otherwise), added milk and cream cheese, and mashed them all up.

They were a little thin, but not mashed potato soup. I’ll keep trying.

The adzuki sprouts were really filling! I had two bowls of salad and couldn’t finish my 2nd bowl of mashed potatoes. Dinner’s usually my biggest meal of the day, so this was on the small side for me.

  1. oh potato, you can do no wrong. squee!

    octopus in a can? well, i'll be…

  2. PT said:

    I always drain the potatoes and mash them without anything added then slowly add in ingredients (butter 1st, then sour cream and S&P, then milk). Milk is always last and I'm constantly tasting it and adjusting.

  3. grace said:

    did i gag? yes, yes i did. octopus alone is bad enough, but canned? gadzooks. 🙂
    on a brighter note, the bean sprouts are awesome–that's a project i've never tried. and i agree with pt–always add the milk to the potatoes last and in small increments.

  4. p – yaytato!

    PT – awesome tips, thank you! I will totally use them.

    DelSo – I always think unpeeled = smashed potatoes, which oddly enough I can do. I just can't get the fluffy white traditional mashers.

    grace – sorry girl! Milk last – got it!

  5. Yes, milk last! Also, add no more than a tablespoon or 2 at a time. Sometimes, I use sour cream and no milk. 🙂

    And red potatoes with the skin on make for really prett smashed potatoes!

  6. Anonymous said:

    May I suggest Cook Illustrated fro many of your fundamental techniques

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