Chipotle – Free Burrito Day!

One of the most glorious days is upon us! Free Burrito Day at the new Clifton Park Chipotle!

I got to go yesterday because I’m awesome. Okay, and because Katherine N. Smith was super awesome and invited me to go to the neighborhood pre-opening. Thanks to Katherine!
I almost didn’t make it to this, because I had a prior dinner engagement celebrating my awesomeness, but I made it home a little early, around 7 pm.

Albany John was like “Free Chipotle tomorrow night, right? Free burrito day in Clifton Park. Right?”

I mentioned that I had gotten invited to check out this neighborhood run and he promptly chucked me into the car. “Go.” I buckled my seatbelt; don’t worry.

Now what I should have done was PRINT OUT DIRECTIONS since I saw 22 Clifton County Road, Clifton Park, NY and something about “Crossing” and it looked like it was in The Crossings at Clifton Park.


Albany John and I drove around for about 20 minutes bickering about where it could be and why I didn’t print out directions, when he decided to call the master. Err, The Profussor.

The gracious Profussor returned our frantic call tout suite and directed us to the right location. WE LOVE YOU, DANIEL!!! He totally saved the night!

Here it is, right on the corner. Underneath the gigantic Clifton Park Center. You can see small Chipotle signs on the sides. The Clifton Park Center sign is really bright. You’ll see a JC Penny in the background (to the left and behind).

Check that awesome sign of AWESOMENESS. Free Burritos today (January 28, 2010) from 11 am – 8 pm.

And now you know what it looks like so you won’t get lost and frantically call your friends 10 minutes to close going “CHIPOTLE!? WHERE IS CHIPOTLE?! PLEEEEEAASSEEE!”

Albany John got a carnitas burrito, and I got a chicken burrito (the one on the left). And we got chips + guac. Their guac is awesome. My little cup had TONS of jalapenos in it. Caliente!

Albany John’s burrito was so full that the person rolling it up had to take her plastic glove off to get a better grip on the tin foil. FATRRITO!

At 10 minutes to close, the folks behind the counter looked tired as hell. No doubt, it was a long day. Hopefully they’ll hold up okay 2 days in a row. Today is really the onslaught of free burrito lovers.


I had 2nd dinner a little later, around 10 pm. I was kind of full from 1st dinner at 6 pm, so I didn’t get hungry again until then. My chicken burrito was delicious. Albany John also gave me some munches of his carnitas burrito. He tore into that mass of burrito as soon as we got home. I think he got just about everything you could on that burrito. Guac, sour cream, THE WORKS. That was a fat burrito.

I am going back again tonight. I’m going to see if I can get TWO salsas. I love Freepotle!

And don’t be a complete mo’. If you’re not familiar with Clifton Park, BRING DIRECTIONS. Or be a complete ditz, call a friend, and then permanently remember how to get there out of sheer embarassment.

  1. So jealous. I wish I could go. M will be going there later, so I am jealous of the two of you.

  2. Glad I went yesterday; the Burrito Gods weren't aligned today, the blizzard hit CP right at lunch time…

  3. grace said:

    free burrito. right now i can't think of a finer combination of words. 🙂

  4. count me in w/ the lameos, i have yet to try the burrito goodness @ Chipotle

  5. Slacker said:

    My wife works at the Y around the corner, and went on Wednesday and twice on Thursday. Hooray free burritos!

  6. Glad I could help.
    When I went the iPhone guided my way. Love that Chipotle App.

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