Caesar Salad

Albany John is a member of the Troy PhotoCenter. It’s a pretty neat photography center in Troy, located on River Street right across from Jose Malone’s & Ryan’s Wake.

Last night they had an informal snacky gathering for members (and they could bring a guest) for their 3 year anniversary. The mister & I went over and photographer Dan McCormack talked about pinhole cameras and his work currently on display. On the whole it was both educational and fun (I know, it sounds totally impossible).

Albany John thinks that the artists involved at the Troy PhotoCenter are a little more down to earth than in Albany. I’m inclined to agree with him – the artists I’ve gotten to meet there don’t really have any egos or pretenses. They generally act really lucky to have become moderately successful at what they do; even if they’re wildly successful.

If you get to meet Lady Ostapeck, she’s totally awesome. She was also there last night and she’s just wonderful. She’s so bubbly and blunt. She’s turning 93 later this month. Her hearing isn’t great, and she’s not shy about saying “Honey, I’m near DEAF. You GOTTA speak up! I didn’t hear a word you said!” She came up to me last night jokingly calling me a gypsy, but said I needed big hoop earrings, or I wasn’t really a gypsy.

After eating my weight’s worth in pita chips and enjoying the evening, I came home hell bent on making a Caesar salad. As a treat last week Albany really went crazy at the Veggie Mobile and got a head of romaine lettuce.

I found this recipe for Caesar salad dressing that sounded anchovy-tastic. I love the rich fishy taste of anchovies. And I’ve never made Caesar salad dressing from scratch.

The dressing was really easy to whip together too! Unfortch, I was out of worcestershire sauce, and I can really see how that would bump this dressing into amazing territory. Other than my own lack of available ingredients, I can’t wait to make this again. The coddled egg also really makes emulsifying a snap. No broken emulsifications!

The flavor overall was much deeper than bottled dressings – it tasted rich and full. But unlike gloppy, viscous bottled dressings, this also had a light mouthfeel.

It still took me over an hour to make the salad, because I made the croutons from scratch, and they took about 45 minutes to bake (I upped the temp later on, don’t worry).

  1. Sara said:

    Awesome! I am so glad you liked it. This is one of my favorite things to make 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Glenna said:

    Mmmm….very cool about the caesar salad. I used to work in a hotel where in the formal dining room they cooked a lot tableside including caesar salad. It just such a perfect blend of flavors of the salty and savory and crunchy and cold…yum!

    Btw, loved whomever brought the stuffed celery sticks. My Nannie used to make those all the time. I've been making them lately to snack on.

  3. Sexybeast and I have have been having earnest discussions about making our salad dressings. Less processed ingredients and hidden calories

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