Indoor Gardening

This year I would like to start my own indoor garden. And maybe do a little outdoor gardening as well. This freezing cold weather has me hopeful that I can start some indoor plants and see a little greenery. My apartment is always really warm.

Does anyone have recommendations for seeds? Someone recommended Gurney’s to me, but they are online. Are there any local places that are better?

I’m looking for plants that are hard to kill/easy to grow. I’ve got a bit of a black thumb. I’d also really prefer organic seeds.

For the outdoor garden, the space is pretty shady. I plan on building a box planter if I go this route. Any shady plant easy-keeper recs from my gardening peeps?

  1. I don't have a place that gets good sun anymore, but when I did I got seeds from Johnny Seeds in Maine. Not exactly local, but they had a lot of interesting varieties to choose from. here's their site:

    For the black thumb, I would recommend growing a lettuce mix. It grows pretty quickly. Just spread the seeds and water. Their All Star Lettuce mix is nice.

  2. Jennifer said:

    I suck at growing things from seeds (except green beans but they are ridiculously easy to grow- that's why they have little kids grow them in science class) so I always buy my baby plants at the farmer's market. One bonus of that is that I am supporting local and I know the plants are just right for this zone.

    Indoors I have had good luck with herbs. I have two kinds of parsley, two kinds of thyme and a rosemary plant that are from my summer garden and are flourishing indoors. So I'd recommend doing an herb garden. Except basil, basil is too finicky for indoors. I can usually keep one going for a few months but they always end up dying.

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