Afghan Grill

Albany John and I stopped by Afghan Grill this weekend. It’s located in the Peter Harris Plaza – 952 Troy-Schenectady Road, Latham, NY 12110.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s beautiful on the inside. It smelled great, too.

We also grabbed a menu from neighboring restaurant Kabuki, which serves Japanese & Korean food. Kabuki was dead empty, and smelled kind of like a hibachi grill. I was intrigued by the Korean food, but those dishes were mostly in the $14-16 range, which was more than I felt like paying at the moment.

So we went back into Afghan Grill and Albany John placed an order to go. He ordered Kebab Murgh for $10.95, which came with a salad. I am really loving Afghan salads – yogurt dressing, and lots of mint and dill. Both refreshing and filling without seeming too heavy.

The Kebab Murgh looks like tandoori chicken. Actually, Albany John thought he was ordering the Lamb Tikka Kebab – the way their take out menu is written is a little hard to read. The spacing is really close together, so we got confused with what we were ordering with the layout.

There is a LOT of turmeric in this chicken. My fingers got super yellow when I touched a little bit of it in the car, something I wasn’t too happy about.

While we were bummed about the mis-ordering on our end, it turns out that this was a tasty dish in the end. Very juicy white meat chicken that had WAY more flavor than tandoori chicken. The menu says it’s marinated in turmeric, garlic, and cayenne pepper, but I think there’s more to it. The spices had such a deep flavor.

They were really generous with the amount of brown basmati rice & Afghan bread, too. I still am not a big fan of Afghan bread – it just reminds me of so-so focaccia.

I’d like to go back and try some other dishes. I think the lamb would be nice to try. On the whole, though, $11 for 6 pieces of white meat chicken (a breast and a half at the very most) is a little steep when they have half of a tandoori chicken on their menu for $13. Many other menu items look more affordable, and if this chicken is any indication of how they prepare their food, I would like to try many of the other dishes at Afghan Grill.

  1. llcwine said:

    better korean food can be found on Wade Rd extension (Latham Farms, Target Plaza, but the other end) at Ginza, but even better at Ta-ke down by Memorial Hosp…..kind of old looking on the inside, but good food and prices are decent.

  2. I'm surprised Kabuki is still open. I never see anyone in there

    Are you going to be the AOA party? I an pulling away from school just to make an appearance!

  3. llcwine said:

    Afghan has a buffet lunch during the week for $7.95. I haven't tried the buffet yet, but many of my coworkers rave about it.

  4. llcwine – SWEET. Thanks for the heads up! I always complain about lack of Korean options here.
    The buffet also seems like the way to do it. Sadly it was not going on during the weekend :< lili – You BET I AM!
    I can't find my glittery suspenders, so I'm still not sure what I'm wearing yet.

  5. wow the interior is gorgeous. hmmmm i didn't know we had so many Korean options around these parts

  6. Jennifer said:

    Um…is there a bed in the middle of the room? I keep staring at the first picture trying to figure out what that is.

  7. Ellie said:

    Dennis and I ate there once. We had a fabulous meal.

  8. grace said:

    although it doesn't hold a candle to ali baba, i like the afghan grill. the lunch buffet is stellar.

  9. Afghan looks fantastic! I've only peered in from the sidewalk while running into Kabuki to grab some sushi takeout.

  10. KJS said:

    I like the Afghan Grill a lot – some very good food there. I usually get their Kofta Kabob (delicious) and their Mantoo (steamed dough pastry filled with ground beef, onions and seasonings) is just plain excellent.

  11. Anonymous said:

    I've got to offer a different opinion on the Korean options. Haven't been to Ta Ke in a couple of years since it no longer lived up to the quality of the original owners; maybe it's improved. But I think Kabuki is far superior to Ginza. Much richer, more flavorful stews and Kabuki's food is spicier and not as sweetened up for American taste as Ginza. I could live on the Yukgaejang (spicey vegetable and shredded beef stew)!

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