AoA 2 Year Party!

Let there be cupcakes! A big HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY to All Over Albany, who is now two years old. In internet years, we’re talking at least tweens. But I bet they’re reading at a college level.

Mary and Greg do a great job running Albany’s best news source. You can find out about all of the newest goings on in the area in the blink of an eye. And they’re always adding more cool features because they are chained to their computers work so hard.

Greg’s gorgeous wife Chris made the cupcakes above with the help of a friend. Chris, I need that recipe. Seriously moist, but still incredibly light. They were AWESOME and everyone loved them.

Here was a table of snacky things. The party was held at the Midtown Tap & Tea Room on New Scotland Ave. I have no idea what the things on the left were (maybe literal egg rolls?), but they were awesome. Like a thin, omelet outside and shrimp, ground pork, and veggie filling with a peanut sauce. FREAKING GOOD.

I got there a little on the later side…

But just in time for Mary’s time honored standing-on-a-chair-AoA-rocks speech. Go Mary – two years in a row, now it’s a tradition!

I like how friendly everyone is at these AOA celebrations. I think the thing is, we’re all just a bunch of dorks from the internet (I mean that in a good way, promise), so it’s not like anyone’s got a super huge ego or anthing. Unless you’re the former Lt. Governor of NY, of course. Other than that, the usual fabulous cast of characters you’d expect to be present at such a fete were there and also in jovial spirits.

Poor R & M got there way late because of all of the crappy plow jobs on the highway up here. Can we give R an award for most miles travelled? Cause girlie came all the way up from down state for this!

Cupcake close up. For real, these were great. Light, fluffy, moist crumb (how do you do it?!) and not one browned edge. The icing was also deliciously buttery. Yum!

Sadly, Ellsbells wasn’t there, but Ed pointed out the Battle Star Galactica lookin’ vase:

  1. Jennifer said:

    mmm, looks like a yummy, good time!

  2. Greg said:


    It was great to see you and Albany John!

  3. Great to see you guys again. What are we doing next week?

  4. Anonymous said:

    I vote Dim Sum!
    (yes, there's an app for that)

  5. I am so sad that I missed it. Great recap!

  6. DelSo said:

    So sorry we didn't get to meet IRL. Are you going to the Pink Party?

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