First Friday!

First Friday was a blast – I got to see one of my friends, Stacie Leininger, show some of her cool art work. It’s all calligraphy-type art where the words are shaped into what they are. Trust me, just look at them. I stuck at descriptive words, but her stuff looks pretty cool.

After I hit up the Judy Rosen gallery I went to the UAG, which is usually the hub of First Fridays. At least it is for me. They had these wine glasses filled with blue colored oil hanging over the food table. It looked really pretty, but I hear it dripped over the night before and was a bitch to clean up. I don’t envy that one. Eeek.

UAG’s snack tray – some tasty fruit. I had a couple pineapple slices. Yum, spring is almost here! With the nicer weather peeking its head, this spread had me in a really good mood and looking forward to the rest of the year.

Very cool art work there this month. Art in watercolor and oil medium. Two of the featured artists were Rebecca Schoonmaker & Tommy Watkins. Turns out I’d met Rebecca doing some art project for a friend last year! Haha, cool! She had lots of geometric patterns in her stuff, and the fading was really sweet. And I got to meet Tommy Watkins. I’ve been an admirer of his stuff around town, and it was awesome to finally meet him in person! I asked him questions that probably everyone asks and bores artists to death, but it was cool to learn how he does his paintings.

After that I walked up and down the side streets of Lark and eventually hit up the Romaine Brooks Gallery. Holy moly! They always have the best food. Like, ever. Lots of awesome cookies and bar desserts. So rich, so tasty.

They also had some hilarious caricatures of celebrities. That was awesome and definitely worth a visit. I was giggling like crazy.

After that, I headed over to Lansingburgh, where Badass Burrito was having their Jerk Off event!
I’ll fill you in on that more a little later, but it was a jerk chicken competition, and as you can see, it was also a really fun time!

  1. I'm really kicking myself for missing the Jerk Off 😦 but the boy helping a friend w/ his computer woes

    next year!

  2. What a tease. Looking forward to hearing about the Jerk Off. Going to have to try and hold in my excitement.

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