Oscars Potluck

On Sunday, my girl JMP at Life of My Mouth had an Oscars Potluck. Tons of food, super good stuff.

Renee made this awesome chard tart – just rich enough, with a crust TO DIE FOR. LOMM made this killer black rice salad & a polenta pizza. There was also a tasty Quiche, Chicken & Pasta + Redic-Fatty cream sauce, insanely spicy hummus, and guess what? I like chicken liver pate. Like, a lot. Creamy, good stuff.

I made Leaving L.A.sagna (it was a pun-tastic event, too!). I made my own marinara and then made this recipe from Book of Yum for a gluten-free spinach noodle. It wasn’t too bad. I used all garbanzo flour for the brown rice flour. This recipe should be halved for a big-ass pan of lasagna. I didn’t even use half of it, so it was kind of a waste to make so much. I’d eat more of it, but the night after the pot luck I had a dream my lasagna noodles turned into something with a bubblegum texture, so now I’m afraid to eat it. So I froze it.
I also par-boiled the noodles to firm them up a bit before assembling & cooking. I think it would have been much mushier if I hadn’t done that. Compared to gluten fresh pasta, I prefer the gluten kind, but this wasn’t one of those bad gluten-free attempts, and a good amount of non-gf people went for seconds. But for real, halve the recipe, of you might wear out the motor in your cuisinart and then have to mix by hand.

Also, cute resident doggie a JMP’s place.

  1. Diesel! Best dog!

    I liked the lasagna! The quiche was turkey / shallot / thyme / shallots / swiss cheese / Dijon mustard. Honestly the hardest part is to make the dough.

  2. JMP said:

    I'm so happy everyone indulged my love of puns

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