St Patrick’s Day Pastrami

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Hello Kitty Sis in Tampa sent me a card recently for Passover – inside she said she was looking for a card for St Patty’s Day, but figured if we can all be Irish for one day, we can all be Jewish for one day, too. I just loved it, and she inspired me to try making pastrami for St Paddy’s Day.

FWIW, Corned beef is an American-Irish thing – it was a popular cut of cheap meat that a lot of Jewish people ate in NYC back during the great Irish migration to America, and the Irish absorbed it into their culture. So really, pastrami for St Patrick’s Day isn’t too far off.

And I got to use my smoker. Buckle your seats, it’s time for a ride, and it starts with a cryovac-ed bag of corned beef.

This corned beef roast was just a hair over 2 lbs and fairly lean for the cut. I rinsed her off and soaked in a bowl of water for about an hour. I think the easily-purchased corned beef you get at the grocery store are really salty, and that’s saying a lot. I can usually only do about two slices when it’s boiled or baked, so I figured soaking it to get some salt out for an hour couldn’t hurt.

While Ms. Beefers was soaking I prepped my stove top smoker. My sister gave it to me for Christmas hoping I’d use it for veggies, but I think she knew that I’d be using almost exclusively for meaty purposes. I am sure she’s cringing right now – sorry, dude.
2 Tablespoons of Hickory chips on the center & very bottom of the pan.

Then the drip tray goes on top of the chips to prevent any liquid from meat from putting out the smoke.

After soaking for an hour, here is what Ms. Beefers looked like. Let’s hope some of that sediment is salt.
Drained and drying, I trimmed some of the fat off of her. Albany John asked me to save some for boiling with cabbage. I left the meat on the side to mix up…

The rub. I ground a LOT of peppercorns, and added coriander powder and garlic powder. I was hoping to use onion powder, but didn’t have enough. I’d say this is about 1/3 – 1/2 cup of the mix. I just mixed them to taste. Lots of peppery kick, with coriander and garlic hanging out nearby.

Then Ms. Beefers went for a swim in seasoning. This was just the right amount for a 2 pound roast. Everything bit of her exterior got nicely coated.

Time to put the final grate over the grill and set Ms. Beefers on top of that. Phew! I left the fattier side up to hopefully have some of the fat melt down through the meat during cooking. It was just a theory.

Cover went on top, heat on to medium-high, and I waited until I saw smoke come out of those holes, closed them, and turned the heat down to medium. I tried to keep the whole thing under 200 F.

And then I forgot to set an alarm on my temperature timer (I picked up a snazzy Kitchenaid grill thermometer and really like it – dark, easy to read display; and a cover for the thermometer). Oy.

I had it set for 165 F, and caught it just as it was hitting 167. Yikes. Hopefully it won’t be really bad.
It looked a little moist from the smoking, but then again it gave off a lot of fat, so it was a bit more of a moist steam and less of a dry steam than I’d hoped. I pulled her off immediately with some tongs and wrapped Ms. Beefers in tin foil and stuck her in the fridge to chill.
And that’s where I’m at so far. I’ve been reading that steaming is what will render it really tender after smoking, but since it was a moist smoke… well, whatever. I’ve got to heat her up anyway, so [another] steaming won’t be too detrimental. I hope. I bought 2 small roasts, so I’m assuming the husbear is going to do something more traditional with the other one sitting in the fridge today. He loves his corned beef & cabbage.

I’ll let you know how she went – I’m hoping the flavors melded in the fridge overnight to create a thick coating.
  1. llcwine said:

    can't wait to find out how this works…..would love to try it on my outdoor smoker, temps may be an issue…but I do loves me some pastrami….

  2. Nicole said:

    looks good. take pics! drink wine!

  3. Ms. Beefers is smoking! Hee hee, I live how ye sister wanted the smoker to be used for non-meat foods 😀

  4. Mmmmm (drool) Pastrami! Some crusty rye bread and I'd be such a happy girl!

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