Cupcake Eating Contest at X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery

Albany John and I rolled up to the cupcake eating contest at X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery on Saturday. They had a benefit for Out Of The Pits that featured a pitbull kissing booth (pitbull doggies, not this Pitbull (although I would have been first in line for that booth)).

Albany John shot a bunch of sweet pictures and formatted them from raw to JPEG, but I’m lazy and forgot to take them off his computer. Check out an awesome set ehere, by Lesya Zaichenko – super cute picures of puppies, people, and sweets.

X’s to O’s like whaaaat? Turns out I rolled up riiight in time to catch the start of the cupcake eating contest. 5 minutes to eat as many cupcakes as possible… And GO!

Eat those cupcakes!

Do it, do it, do it! Get pumped!

The winnar on the left in the Yellow shirt got 9.5 cupcakes down in 5 minutes. Girlie in the yellow hat did a kick ass job of shoving cupcakes in her face. For real – we’re talking icing smeared all over her face – totally working hard to get those cupcakes in!

Most competitors didn’t finish eating all of their cupcakes, so some people handed them out to the crowd. Hell yea, scavengers! I got this cute pink cupcake.

When all of a sudden… Nic-attack!!!! HOLY MOTHER – guard them cupcakes, food bloggers in the midst! Nic came with girlie from Eat in Albany. Sa-weet. Always good to meet the other people in the area IRL (especially food bloggers. I may be biased).

I’ll leave you to decide who chomped this cupcake (give up? okay, it was me). I was expecting a semi-dry cupcake, but these cupcakes were incredibly moist, with a little bit of crunch on the outside (in a good way – that little bit of textural difference from buttery crust and soft, fluffy innard). I don’t usually like fruit + anything else, but the strawberry icing was really light and easy to eat, and tasted oh-so fresh. Not your mama’s vegan cupcakes by any stretch of the imagination. Your carnivore friends wouldn’t be able to tell the difference with these.
If the line wasn’t outta sight I would have hopped in and grabbed some more sweets. But next time I’m there, I am picking up about a half dozen. My sister, the vegan-raw, etc. one, is also a nutrition student and told me I’d get a “nutrition pass” for eating at X’s to O’s. SWEET.

Other than that, I went home wishing I’d signed up in time to participate. And lemme tell you, those pitbulls were way more into kissing after people had crammed their faces with cupcakes.

  1. By not attending, I allowed there to be a winner other than myself. Although thin, I have a voracious hunger for cupcakes well beyond my physical specifications.

  2. Patty said:

    A cupcake contest? Is this heaven? Thanks for posting šŸ˜‰

  3. JMP said:

    The photos made me giggle like a small child…. a pitbull wearing goggles! Oh boy!

  4. Anonymous said:

    HOORAY! It was so crazy that I didn't get to go to the kissing booth myself. I got to hold one of the lil puppies before we even opened and almost died from her cute, wrinkled face.
    Glad you came out and enjoyed yourself and the cupcake!

  5. cupcake eating contest?! am i dreaming? hmmmmmm cuppy goodness!

  6. Nicole said:

    watch all your cupcakes, people. i will take them. i am short, but i am mighty.

    kidding. i will get my own cupcakes. maybe.

  7. Chelle said:

    OMG that looked delicious!

    I went to a vegan wedding in September and they had little desserts (no cake and no cupcake) that left much to be desired. Too bad they didn't have this!

  8. jenh718 said:

    Those cupcakes look super yum! Strawberry frosting? Mmmmm

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