I took a trip to Dnipro recently. It’s in Cohoes, which isn’t really in my daily travels. I hadn’t checked it out, and really, can I call myself a food blogger if I don’t check out each and every new food store in the area? NOOOOO.

The store is really tiny. I was expecting something a little larger, but overall, there’s about half a dozen rows that are well-stocked with all sorts of foody goodness, and some refrigerated cases in the back and along the side.
The refrigerated cases have soft cheeses (feta, fresh cheese, stuff like that), a bunch of kefirs, and other dairy products. On the left side, there’s a little freezer case that has DUMPLINGS! OH MAMA! I had to grab one of those to try.

Now here’s the thing that annoyed while I was in Dnipro – there are almost no prices on anything. I like to know how much I’m spending before getting surprised at the register.

I also grabbed a kefir for the mister, since he is a kefir-whore.

Now, meat lovers, on the right are a variety of encased meats. Some are deli items that I am assuming they slice up for you (salami, etc), but others are sausages, kielbasas, and the like. Yum. YUM.

I had no clue what was what. Some things are kind of labeled, but being a Russian food newb, I really had no idea what I was looking at. The guy behind the counter was helpful. He asked me if I spoke Russian (that’s a big ole nyet) before explaining the differences between the meats – he even let me taste some of the sausages!!! Needless to say, I was in love. I was also helpless but to get both of the sausages I tried. They are from Chicago. It was a little over $5 for 6 sausages above. I thought they were different prices, but they were weighed and measured together. Like I said, I have no clue about signs/pricing there.
Other meats are made in PA. I don’t think any of their meats are made in-house.

That was the first time anyone’s asked me if I speak Russian, but then I realized that yeah, being a halfsie Asian, speaking Russian wouldn’t be entirely out of the question. Theoretically, of course. The rest of you know that I can barely put together a sentance in my native English.

Here is the kefir I bought. I got the weirdest looking one from what Albany John usually buys. This Ryazenka baked style yogurt was way different – baked? Are you kidding me? Oh, he’s getting it. This quart container was $3.79.

And my favorite little kefir addict couldn’t wait to get his paws on it and was shaking it up shortly after I put it in the fridge.

HAH! That’s what you get for opening it so quickly! A spoogey eye-full of kefir!

I also made the mister a cold plate of the sausages & mustard, since the sausages were fully cooked. The paler one tastes like a really good hot dog. Slightly smokey, seasoned, smooth, and possessing a great snap.
The darker sausage is like a dry kielbasa and very smokey. It is also chunkier, but still has that great snap to the skin.

I also made some basic noodles on another day, using white whole wheat flour to give a little extra chew to the noodles. Then I just boiled the sausages for a bit and ate them with the noodles. Good, hearty comfort food. That was a heaping plate of noodles and sausages, but somehow we made it through them.
Basic Noodle Recipe
3 C White Whole Wheat Flour
1 T kosher salt
2 whole eggs
2/3 C cold water

Mix them all together and knead until they give a little spring, about 5-10 minutes.
Cover & let sit at least 30 minutes.
Roll out and cut!
I rolled my dough out to levels 5 and 6 on the pasta roller. The 5 was much tougher and thicker. 6 is more dainty and ethereal. It was neat to have different textures in the pasta.
I just cut them up by hand into thick noodles. The 5s took WAY long to boil, and only minutes for the 6s. After that, I added some butter, paprika, and sour cream over them. Salt and freshly cracked pepper on the side.

  1. Anonymous said:

    Dnipro is one of my FAVORITE places – you definitely have to try the fresh white cheese located in the dairy case that Ivor (the man behind the counter) will cut a chunk off of for you. I used to buy a similar product from EATS for $18/lb, here is's like $6. The smoked turkey in the deli is the best deli-style I've ever had – and the pickled items they make (mushrooms, tomatoes, pickles) are outstanding!!! The people are very helpful and every time we go *insist* we try something – the last time it was a cheesecake bar topped with blueberries – YUM!

  2. JMP said:

    Dude….that photo of A-John is so, so dirty.

  3. OMG! Asian porn spam link (above)! See what happens girlie when you post nasty pics of Albany John!!

  4. Anonymous said:

    I liked the store until discovered that the guy put couple extra items on my reciept. I mean that the number items in my bags are less then the numbers of items on my reciept. Plus some prices are higher then the prices on the shelves. There are no prices on any item and no product name on the reciepts.
    “Dirty russian service”.
    I will recomend to check your reciepts and remind the person that it is not the right way to build a business with costomers.

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