I went to Kitsu for lunch the other day. I was excited to try out the new place in the space formerly occupied by Saso’s. Tommy Watkins’ work is definitely impressive, and the building really stands out.

The interior is laid out much the same way it was in the Saso era, but it feels a little more open. The decor is vastly different though, and I like it.

I got the Su-Sa lunch combo to go for $14. $15.12 after tax. My server, Martin, was a really friendly guy who chatted with me while I waited for my order.

The Su-Sa lunch combo includes a california roll, 9 pieces of sashimi, and 3 pieces of sushi. The raw pieces were salmon, tuna, and fluke. There was a little shredded daikon on the side, covered with a real piece of leaf – no plastic stuff here.

The cali roll had imitation crab in it, avocado, and cucumber and was lightly riced and sprinkled with black and regular sesame seeds. You can see some patches in the rice covering of this inside out roll. This was the best tasting part of the meal. A little sweet, crunchy, rice-y.

The sashimi itself were a little too soft, bordering on mushy, and tasted bland. They all needed a heavy dousing in soy sauce, but the soy sauce included was low-sodium. I think low sodium soy sauce doesn’t taste very good, but I still ate some with this fish as I didn’t have any regular soy sauce handy. Otherwise they would have been too bland to eat.
The salmon had some holes in it from where pin bones were pulled out. Visually, this was not that appealing. I’ve never had sashimi with holes in it before.
The tuna was a little darker than I am used to, but it was essentially flavorless and devoid of its usual meaty flavor. It was so odd that all of the sashimi were so bland.
I also noticed that none of the sushi had a little dab of wasabi underneath the skin on the rice. Just raw fish on rice. The sushi was better than the sashimi. I think the flavored rice imparted a little more texture and flavor.

This meal also came with soup or salad, and I got miso soup. All I could think of when I smelled it was “potatoes”. The flavor itself was a little chalky and too salty. I didn’t finish it.

I would like to give Kitsu another try, but this was sadly disappointing. And I don’t mean it in a pretentious hipstery way, either. I am just sad – it’s a cool looking business with nice people, but when I like the cali roll best… yikes. The low sodium soy sauce is also a deal breaker for me, and the meal itself was just disappointing after hearing so many great things about Kitsu.
Getting a disappointing meal is a bummer when I know I could have gone to another restaurant for something more satisfying. So many restaurants to try, so little time and funds to check them all out. Maybe I was expecting too much since it is in the old space Saso’s was in. Maybe I overhyped it in my mind. Either way, I’d like to go back eventually because the decor is beautiful.

  1. E. said:

    Sounds like a bummer of a meal. I haven't been back yet for visit 2 since they first opened. My visit 1 was fine for my dining companions but a let down for me (my order was goofed). Like you, I *want* them to be good. Hmph.

    Related: I don't recall any local venues that actually do smear a bit of wasabi under the fish for nigiri… I'm always stuck surreptitiously doctoring my sushi. Please pass along any places you know that don't skip this step!

  2. Nicole said:

    bummer! i had specialty rolls when i went but they were good. this makes me sad! luckily – there is other sushi. and other sushi adventures.

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