Donuts from Bella Napoli

Donuts, Doughnuts, D’oh!Nuts. Whatever you want to call them, they’re good stuff.

When I was growing up in Washingtonville, NY, I had an affinity for Dunkin Donuts. Sugar + childhood = win. There wasn’t much else (or at least that I knew of at 4 years old) in the area, and I still think they’re a solidly passable donut if there’s nothing else in the area.

It was when I lived in Texas that I really started getting into donughnuts. H.E.B., a grocery store, had some really good glazed doughnuts. My ROTC group would sell them in the mornings for $0.50 each, and did pretty well on selling them. They were big, soft, fluffy, and had a nice light glaze.
And then Krispy Kreme came in and good lord, did that blow everything out of the water. I still miss their departure from Latham – I guess it didn’t translate very well up here.

All Over Albany‘s short tour of doughnuts in the Capital Region reminded me that, hey, doughnuts are delicious. I haven’t eaten all that many since Krispy Kreme left the area (I guess my weekly trips out there didn’t sustain them very much). And I really need to get on trying all of the other sweets in the area.

Bella Napoli, you’re first. I went to the Troy location since that’s where I’ve heard they are the freshest.

I got a cake glazed, twisted doughnuts; a boston cream (actually, I got two); and a regular glazed doughnut. The glazed doughnut is very large and poofy.

Innard shot time! The glaze was light and sweet on the outside of the cake doughnut and fully hardened. The cake had a nicely browned exterior and was really well seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg. And maybe a little allspice. The husbear and I are still debating about that one.
I’m not a big cake doughnut fan. They are so dense. But then I realized, woah, this is probably the best cake doughnut I’ve ever eaten. Seriously. It was dense, but moist. The main reason I don’t like cake doughnuts is that they are heavy and dry as hell (ew, cotton mouth). These would go really well with a cup of coffee or tea.

Glazed doughnut! I’d say Bella Napoli has “light and fluffy” as one of their bakery cornerstones, and this doughnut exemplifies that trait. Many of the rolls and breads I get from Bella Napoli are very light, but still maintain an impressive height, and a bit on the sweet side.

The insides were super light, soft, and moist, but the outside of the doughnut had a little bit of firm contrast and just the right amount of oil from the fryer. When you taste it, you will know they were fried doughnuts, and you will love it. It was so airy and light, it’s definitely easy to eat a few of these in the blink of an eye.

The glaze was primarily on the outer sides of the doughnut. The inner ring didn’t have much/any glaze. It made holding it a lot cleaner. It tastes even better than it looks.

Boston cream!! I’m all about the custard, and this was a very creamy custard. I think it could have been a bit sweeter, but dudes, it was SO creamy. The yeasty part of the doughnut was much like the glazed doughnut. Soft, fluffy, airy, sweet.

Go earlier in the day. If you go in the late afternoon or evening they might not have any left, or just a few. Get the fresh ones.

  1. I've never thought to get donuts there! Good call…next time I'm up here early I will.


  2. Good tip! :< )
    not so fresh doughnut + desperate sugar seeker = gigantic dough blob in the belly.

  3. beck said:

    I loved Dunkin' Donuts as a kid, too. I still think their Boston Cream (or do they call it Kreme?) is passable if you must have doughnut. Bella Napoli's Boston Cream was just right, to my taste, but everyone prefers different levels of sweetness.

    Do you like jelly doughnuts? I didn't, until I tried the powdered strawberry at Bella Napoli. It's more like a strawberry compote (think ice cream topping) than a jelly and it's delicious.

  4. No comment on Dunkin Donuts donuts. I like their coffee (for chain coffee) but the next time you are in the city get your booty to the Donut Plant. You will never look at other donuts the same again.

    Pricey, exquisite gems. Try the Creme Brulee donut and the Coconut Cream. Heaven.

    I haven't tried Bella Napoli yet. I keep meaning to get there. The Boston Cream shot looks *so* good. Makes me want to stick my tongue right in there.

  5. Mari said:

    I miss Donuts from bella Napoli!!!

  6. I have a hard time not buying them by the dozen.

    But I'll have them pack it up in two boxes of six. And it is surprising at how well the cake donuts and the stuffed yeast donuts hold up on the second day.

    It's dangerous stuff.

    The thing I was most excited about from the AOA article is the glazed at the Cookie Factory. That is on my short list.

    Maybe I can get there on Saturday, now that this infernal Passover holiday of no donuts is over.

  7. That boston cream donut looks amazing!

  8. grace said:

    donut porn–hooray! i didn't discover real donuts (i occasionally had those store-bought ones covered in powdered sugar) until i was in college, and you'd better believe i've never looked back. thanks for these lovely shots. 🙂

  9. Anonymous said:

    two words:

    Apple Fritter

  10. Anonymous said:

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  11. Anonymous said:

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