Lark Tavern

I don’t share this one with you guys enough, but one of my favorite haunts is the Lark Tavern. Run by the ineffable Tess, it’s filled with good people, drinks, times, and best of all: food.

I got one of my usual drinks – a double tequila pink lemonade. These are really cheap during happy hour.

Albany John ordered a grilled salmon burger. It came with a side of chips, some coleslaw, and a whole lot of veggie toppings. Solid food – nice and moist on the inside, and very full of salmon. It wasn’t heavy either.

I used to just drink at the Lark Tavern (because their drinks totally kick ass, and who doesn’t love tatted up bar tenders and servers?), but the food there is heads above average bar food and really worth trying. It’s a great place to just kill a few minutes with a beer, or spend your entire night. Either way, it’s good times.

  1. llcwine said:

    did you eat or just sip?

  2. I love it there! We used to go on Sundays for a couple drinks, some food and some amateur comedy. Good times. 🙂

  3. Nicole said:

    when i feel like a burger i go there. they have a great black and bleu steak too! good stuff. and the staff is awesome!

  4. i've only ever had drinks there. i must try the victuals. one of the bummers live waaaayyyy out in sch'dy county 😦

  5. grilled cheese with tomato and bacon…does the soul good. The Lark is one of the places that makes me love Albany – at best I get friendly hellos, at worst I get shit from Tess for not being around as much due to dog and house..and even that's ok because it's deserved. Love it there!

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