Cooks 4 Kids

On Sunday Albany John got ready for his fifth(fifth) year of Cooks for Kids. It benefits Two Together, which hosts a bunch of after-school programs for Albany kiddos.

They’ve had it at various locations over the years, but for the past couple of years it’s been at the New York State Museum’s Terrace Gallery (the upstairs part).

Albany John likes doing something different each year. He decided the day before to make empanadas. So we hauled around town getting ingredients, namely some ground meat from Roma’s in Latham, NY. He was going to make something like Philly sandwiches, but the meat was $8.99 per pound and we’d need at least like 5-6 pounds, so that was out.

I’m glad he made baked empanadas because these were awesome. Light flaky crust (part masa harina & flour), tasty meaty innards.

Here is the lineup of chefs! It felt like there were less chefs here than in years past. (I’m not quite sure this year was as promoted as last year when Chef Purnomo was there from Yono’s).

Guess who was there?! Sean Custer from Capital Q! He was really fun – a really nice guy and easy to talk with. We chatted for a bit, and he seemed to enjoy Albany John’s empanadas. I enjoyed his pickle. The man makes some mean homemade pickles.

Les Golubs. Neil and Jane Golub were the big high poobah sponsors of the event (there was a more official title, but I think you get the gist. And I like “poobah”).

I’m not a big Price Chopper fan (I’ve received generally poor service, so I don’t shop there), but Jane was the most adorable little thing ever. When she first got up there she was asking if everyone could hear/see her because “I look at pictures of events and think ‘Who is that skinny, short lady?’ and realize that it’s me.”
They might just make me a Chopper Shopper once again.

Beaver. A silent dinner guest.

I wanted to weep with happiness when I saw this carafe. Albany John got excited because he thought it was coffee. I got excited because there was another carafe labeled “PORK GRAVY”. I am not kidding you.

Chefs doling out their food. Mister Boiled Beef Man was not there this year!! He has the best beef roast I’ve ever tasted, and tons of gravy. Not to be morbid, but I really hope he’s not dead (he was an old guy) and just couldn’t make it this year, because his beef was always SO FREAKING GOOD.

Notice anyone in the picture above? Maybe a Breslin? (Getting food from the chef on the very right)

Aww, flowers at the table!

Another nice thing they did this year was they kept the opening part short. Let’s face it, people were there for the food.
The handsome culinary team from Four Corners in Delmar, NY. They had some amazing pastries! I showed some restraint by not eating every one of their desserts (even though I really, really wanted to).

They also had some iced teas that were really refreshing, too. I gotta get out to Four Corners and try some more of their stuff.

Check it – fruit covered cheesecake & a banana kind of pastry thing from Four Corners. The cheesecake was great – creamy, not too sweet, and just set enough. I’m picky with cheesecake and I almost went back for seconds here. The banana thing I got because of the massive amount of whipped cream on top (it was real whipped cream, too!).

The carrot cake slice in the back was one someone made and was amazing! Moist, dense but lightly textured with some great cream cheese frosting. Holy moly, it blew me away!

I also got to chat with some local Albany-active people. Political maybe, I’m not really sure. I don’t keep up with politics, and they just assumed I knew who they were or what they were about. I really had no idea, so while they were nice, I really didn’t understand half of what they said because I have no clue what the context was.

  1. It would have been awesome if Albany John had chugged the gravy like coffee. Oh well. Maybe next year?

  2. grace said:

    gravy from a carafe? what an amazing idea. it'd be so easy to 'accidentally' dump on 'way more than you meant to'… đŸ™‚
    also, that beaver is creepy.

  3. Capital Q Pickles. So good. So so so good.

    If only they did for your arteries what they do for your palate after eating a big hunk of fatty smoked meat.

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