Snowman – Coffee FroYo

Snowman Ice Cream in Troy, NY is a nice little ice cream stand with tons of flavors and combinations.

They make most of their product themselves, which is impressive given their small size.

They also take Visa and Mastercard. I’ve never seen an ice cream stand take cards!

Medium coffee frozen yogurt ($2.75). Good fro-yo! This was close to a pint! Haha, it was a lot of fro-yo, but somehow I managed to eat it. Go with their smalls in general – they are plenty plentiful. Albany John likes their black raspberry fro-yo.

If you’ve ever been to Snowman you know the lines can get crazy at night. It’s better to go before 6:30 pm. After that the lines get really long. But it’s still worth a wait. It usually goes quickly, but this one time I was only behind about 3 people and every single one of them ordered about five sundaes or other labor-intensive desserts and it felt like it took forever and a day when you just want a small soft serve or fro-yo and the line of 7 kids with bikes and four adults, plus a baseball team is going faster than yours.

I’m also partial to their Only 8 flavors of fat free ice cream. It tastes like Tasty D-Lite. Good stuff in a fakey way (you won’t confuse it with their awesome regular soft serve, but it is really good), if that makes sense. Their regular hard and soft ice creams are also quite tasty, and you’ll be set for under $3.
I haven’t tried any sundaes, etc, because their ice cream is good enough for me. Maybe if you guys really want to know, I’ll give it a look see – but only to benefit other people. Not myself or anything.

There’s also a bike path just up the hill from Snowman. It’s a nice trail to ride if you’re looking for a leisurely afternoon of biking and ice cream, and Peebles Island State Park is also nearby.

  1. Thanks for the idea…. I rarely get over to Troy, but this will take me there. Thanks for the tip about the bike path, too.

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