Here’s the garden so far. I spent Sunday puttering around in it. I was outside for about an hour before I put the new fencing in.

Last year my landlady got three little plastic white picket fences to corner off part of the front of Albany John’s garden.

While I am normally a black thumb, I’ve been having a moderate amount of success this year at growing some stuff. However, balance must be restored in the universe, and it seems like my achilles heel this year is a cat.

So I walled off the perimeter of the garden with some bamboo. I think these were placemats we got a long time ago, but they’re put to good use now (yeah, we keep stuff around for a while. Our landlord & lady are afraid that we might be on Hoarders or something in the future. I’d be afraid of that too if we didn’t eventually use the stuff.). I think the cat keeps entering from the right side of the garden since he killed off two of my other basil plants earlier this month. So I put those three little fences on the right side to hope to deter him. I was all out of barbed wire and razor blades.

Here is the right side. I don’t think it deterred him much, but at least he didn’t poop in the garden and kill off any more plants. I’m sure as hell not planting cat nip outside – I’m not as stupid as I look.

I initially had the basil on the right side, but then moved it over a bit. So there are 3 water melon plants growing there. I should probably pinch off one of the plants since some have two seedlings in them.

Then there are hot peppers kind of sort of surrounding the tomatoes and tomatillos. Hopefully it’ll ward off bugs. I’ve got my fingers crossed there’s no tomato blight in my soil again. Oh well, only a few plants any way. I forget what the thing circled with a question mark is. I’m pretty sure it’s a tomato or tomatillo. We’ll see once it starts growing if that cat doesn’t get do it.

I also tried to do a front border of flowers. I probably overcrowded the garden but oh well.

The carrots are growing, I think. There are little green tufts in that area (the cat also played around in that area the night after I planted them, so they are no longer in neat rows and more bunched)

The chives Albany John planted last year have dispersed themselves nicely throughout our lawn and the neighbor’s lawn. You can see them encroaching on my sugar snap peas from the other side of the fence.

I’m glad to see the lettuces growing. A “Bon Vivant” mix on the top row and green lettuce on the bottom row (I think). French breakfast radishes on the very bottom, which are really thriving in the cooler wet weather.

I also started some sorrel inside. I was hoping it was the flowering sorrel, but it’s just the bitter lettuce kind. Either way, it’ll be a nice addition to the greens. They are not such big fans of the wet weather.

I’m hoping the lettuce greens will pop out and I can use the soil later on in the summer to plant some Chinese veggies. I got gai lan and pai tsai at the Asian Food Market (Colvin Ave), which like warmer weather. Like, 65F is a minimum for them.

And some tubs at the end. I got a wildflower mix from Dollar Tree. I figured it couldn’t hurt to give them a try. So far the green parts are growing, but no flowers.

I don’t know if some seeds blew over into the left tub (I’m not the most careful gardener), but I also chucked in some columbine and snapdragon. I probably overcrowded those too, but it’s my first year and I’m just happy they were growing to begin with. I’ll work more on success and planning next year, right now I’m psyched to see any green. These don’t seem to like the wetter weather we are experiencing either.

So that’s where we’re at right now. I just have to keep the cat from using the garden as his Rolls Royce of litter boxes.

  1. Are you planting all from seed? Seeds scare me… I need the little starter plants.

    And we'll be on hoarders with you. My husband says he likes to watch the show because it makes him feel better about himself. That's never a good sign. lol

  2. E. said:

    Love your plot! Grow little plants, grow!

  3. Yr an ambitious black thumb farmer! I got me little herbies growing indoors so far but now I'm worried Monsieur Siamese Cat will poo near my nip

  4. You could plant some catnip outside of your garden to draw the cat away.

    …unless cats get the munchies after a catnip high.

  5. Third Auntie said:

    Wow, we still haven't even finished cleaning up our garden. We are old and slow. You are waaay ahead of us. Just one thing to note. How far apart are your watermelon plants? They can spread alot and they should be spaced about 5-6 feet apart. Looking forward to seeing the progress of your garden.

  6. LK – yeah, I started from seed. Although I think seedlings might be the way to go next year. If I had a mudroom or sunroom it would have really helped them grow. They're all still so tiny. (and thank god – that's why I watch Clean House. I can still make a path – we're good!)

    4urface – thank ya!

    E. – keep wishing for me!

    p – Why would he poo near the goodness?!

    Seb – sweet, I'll have someone to share them with!

    acridian13 – Just my luck I'd have a cat that loves peas or something when he's high on the nip, right?

    3rd Auntie – Thanks for the tip! I'll weed them out further. They are soooo not spaced far enough apart!

  7. MiMi said:

    Make sure you cover all of this tonight and probably tomorrow too -frost is expected and will kill all those seedlings. You can use sheets, newspapers, plastic tarps just make sure to cover everything.

  8. Did you get any of that snow? How did your little patch fair? It was the first thing I thought of when I heard about the weather!

  9. Mimi – thanks for the tip! I have no idea if I got frost, but they are all looking good!

    HK Sis – THEY ARE STILL ALIVE! It's all I can ask for, lol.

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