Homemade Pappardelle & Ragu

I have been so busy lately! While I’m normally a stresser, I’ve taken on a really lax attitude lately. Somehow it’ll all get done, no worries.

So I took it easy and made some ragu. Making ragu is so long, and I relish the long cooking time, stirring, etc. It’s like making bread, only cooking.

Then I made Michael Chiarello’s pappardelle recipe. Well, only half of it because I was cooking for two, not 5. I just love wide pasta noodles. They feel so substantial and make me all sorts of happy.

I rolled the noodles out to a level 6 (very thin) and boiled them for about 2 minutes a go. You can see a lot of the semolina flour floating around in the water.
Part of me gets a real kick over the fact that I can make my own pasta (thanks to Papa Amherst’s pasta roller) and tomato sauce. I didn’t eat many italian foods growing up. My mom hates garlic, onion, tomatoes and non-velveeta cheese, so it really nixed the odds of eating italian food. We’d do the cheapie jarred pasta sauces and pizza, but that was about it.
My first taste of real, authentic Italian food was in Texas. In a very fancy restaurant known as The Olive Garden. I know. I KNOW. Chains are the devil and all that. But you know what? This was in Texas, not Albany. The Olive Garden helped expand my very limited experience with Italian food for the better so I have to give them kudos for that.

Lovely wide, thin eggy noodles. I made them very long, too.

I recently bought extra virgin olive oil. I don’t normally think the flavor difference is that discernable from regular olive oil, but maybe I got a good brand. It smelled so fresh. I think the flavor came through in the noodles. They tasted almost bright.

And then it was time to get saucy. What a comforting bowl of yum.
From Olive Garden to homemade. Not too shabby, eh?
  1. Chrytsal said:

    I just took Gio Culinary Studios fresh pasta class last night, it was so good I just ordered my own pasta maker. I never want to eat dried pasta again! He has a home made Italian sausage and meatball class in July that I plan on taking too.

  2. DelSo said:

    That looks fantastic. How's about you just invite me and the hubby over instead of resorting to high level math and dividing ingredients?? We'll bring really good wine.

  3. 4urface said:

    s are the devil… except for Carrabbas NOM

  4. p – why thank yee!

    Chrystal – Oh nice! Sounds like an awesome program.

    DelSo – sounds like a plan to me!

    4urface – is there one in the area? I haven't really heard of them.

    LK – you said it, missy!

  5. 4urface said:

    yea tehres one in latham right off 1-87 exit 6. Worth checkin out, we go there a lot. Dont tell my grandma!

  6. grace said:

    if you could see me (wouldn't that be creepy!), you'd know i was bowing down to your pasta- and sauce-making prowess. what a phenomenal plate of food!

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