Veal Dumplings

Remember when I went to Dnipro and bought a few goodies? Well, here are those veal dumplings. At $4.99 for a one pound baggie, they weren’t the cheapest dumplings I’ve ever had, but they were very veal-y and tasty. But veal isn’t cheap, and I’ve never seen veal dumplings before. These could be really good, or really bad.

They were really good – Albany John has demanded more and exerted remarkable self control by not eating them all in one go. We even got a couple of meals out of them by rationing them out. Almost like we were eating the recommended portion size.

I also liked the little hat shape of the dumplings. Compared to Chinese dumplings they were very tiny and cute.

There’s a good amount of meat in the dumplings too – it tasted primarily of veal, and seemed to be made up of mostly veal, too. The meat was very tender, meaty, well-flavored overall and the outside of the dough had just the right amount of chew to bring it all together.

As you can tell, we also had the meal of many nations that night. Some Latin American flavored beans, boiled potatoes, cauliflower, and buttered bread in addition to the veal dumplings.

  1. Mr.Dave said:

    Dumplings! Those are пельмени, lol. I too am a great lover of dumplings from all nations, and the pelmeni I bought at Dnipro were very good. I think the ones I bought were pork but veal sounds delicious. Try them with a little of the сметана (smetana) that they sell there. It is like super thick sour cream, very tasty.

  2. Chrystal said:

    Those look fantastic. I'm going to have to make another trip up there to get some of those, maybe even today.

  3. Meat in a starch pocket is man's greatest treasure

  4. Pelmeni! That's what they were. Lol, well leave it up to an asian to call everything dumplings. I wonder if Eastern Europeans call everything one certain thing… Or americanized euros. Oh well, that's something for the anthropologists.

  5. I wonder how this dumplings taste likes! They are probably tasty!

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