Troy Night Out – April

Troy Night Out was such a blast! You know why? Kismet was open!!!
I know, right?! Cue the clapping! They were only open for the weekend, and they were in their old space. I was psyched to be able to go in there again.
I met up with my sister and one of her friends. Her friend hadn’t been to TNO before, and she really enjoyed it. Here they are peeping some of the work inside of Kismet.

And as usual, the food at kismet was awesome. Fresh veggies, awesome crackers (in a basket!! Next to a fondue pot of cream cheese and prosciutto!! How much better can it get?!), dips…

And a decadent chocolate dessert, plus chicken skewers.

Oh, and my FAVORITE ARTIST EVER. If only Mr. PRVRT wasn’t even more reclusive
than I. I’d jump at the chance to meet him in person.
I really liked the artist vs. artist stuff they had up. Collaboration mash up of art work.

CAC Woodside! Getting signatures. They didn’t get the Pepsi grant. Hopefully next time.

The Arts Center for the Capital Region had some kids stuff downstairs, and I noticed some other stuff upstairs. It was the Community Inclusion Class’ artwork.

Here is one artist standing by her painting.

And another artist with her sculpture work. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the walrus. It was so awesome!

And another artist who let me take her picture with her pieces. Great work, guys!

We walked around a bunch, but somehow we got pulled into this exhibit. Oooh, moving wheel. Must enter. There were some cool pieces up on the wall, and this fairly interactive musical performance as well.

We made one of our final stops at the place showing Existing Artists. I don’t know if this is their normal space, or they were just up for the weekend, but they had some awesome stuff up, and music, too.
You can see my sister showing off our patented family technique for managing to walk into pictures the second after someone pushes the button to take it, but right before the shutter goes off.

Here was one of the things I was tempted to get. They were edgy birds painted on cardboard. I try not to take pictures of the art itself because it’s one of Albany John’s pet peeves. He thinks it’s kind of rude to take a picture of someone’s artwork with no intention of buying it. For artists’ rights, I can understand it. Plus, a lot of work you should just see in person. Trust me, these birds were awesome and if you see them you should totally buy them from JRAD.
Now here is some art I really liked. The Exist folks also had a table of art flyers and CUPCAKES. Heh heh heh. Art imitating cupcakes, or cupcakes imitating art?

They also had 3-D art with black light. And a bunch of panels with animals painted on it. “WTF AWESOME” pretty much described their space and everything in it.

There were some bands playing in the streets, but this one on River Street by the bead shop was the best one. I like how Troy’s architecture really works with live music. Everything bounces and reverbs off of those old buildings really well.
And then I had to drag my sister’s ass back to my place to work on Operation Girly Make Over. She mentioned the night before how she wanted to look Mae West-ish and just go out of her norm and I took it and ran. She’s such a hippie, who usually runs the opposite of almost all of my tastes (ironically enough we agree that veggies are awesome, with the exception of bell peppers and fennel).
So after about two and a half hours of primping (and trust me, that was rushing) and her trying on all of my dresses, she was glam as glam could be and we headed back to Troy for the nightlife. Albany John’s sighs were quite audible around 11:00 pm. “Are you two ready YET? Can we go?”

First we hit up Daisy Baker’s for the usual Troy Night Out After Party. Lately they’ve had Properly Chilled and Laser & Blaser play TNO AP. It’s free dollars, which is right up my alley.

We stuck around for a couple of songs. My sister awkwardly danced with “The Boxer” aka, the guy who seriously looked like he was practicing boxing defense when he danced until I helped her and pulled her out after telling Mr. RedBullVodka McStareAtBoobies that I was there with my sister. I probably should have mentioned husband too. You know, the guy I was dancing with? (P.S. Dude, if you’re going to dance in front of/with a stranger and stare hard at boobs, you could offer to buy them a drink. Just sayin’).

After the music turned a little too house-y for my tastes, we hit the bricks. It was pretty empty any way. I guess all of the Trojans turned in early for the night.
We walked over to the Kismet gallery to check out their late night goings on.
Witness my sister lookin cute! She even wore heels! That you can’t see, but trust me!

This guy was spinning some great tunes. He totally made my night. It was great to kick it at Kismet for another night and hang with some cool people.
  1. Looks like a really fun night!

    At least Mr. McStares-at-boobies wasn't trying to grope some boobies

  2. Awww, I love that Albany John thinks about the rights of the artists.. he is the sweetest!

  3. ” It was pretty empty any way. I guess all of the Trojans turned in early for the night.”

    They were at Diplo. No joke; pretty much all the usual suspects were at that show instead.

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