Almondina Cookie Giveaway!

I love cookies. I practically sweat sugar I eat them so often. When the people at Almondina asked me if I wanted to try some cookies, I jumped at the chance! And also asked if I could have a second set of samples to eat give away to you because I love you, they tossed them with the first set.

And you guys, I haven’t eaten the second set.

So what’s Almondina? They’re an almond cookie snack that’s wildly low-calorie and low-fat for a cookie, and come in a variety of flavors.

It was based off of founder Yuval’s recipe from his grandmother Dina (hence the name Almondina). Aww, grandma’s healthy cookies.

I know, I know, you guys want to know what they taste like.

Original – I can see why they started this company. These are enjoyable. Plain, but just sweet enough with additional sweetness coming from the raisins. The crunch is really addictive.

Cinnaroma – Wow, they aren’t kidding around. You get a whiff of cinnamon as soon as you open the package.It tastes much like the original, only with a dry warmth from cinnamon. I’d go for the original over this one, but if you love cinnamon, you’d like this.

Chocolate Cherry – chocolate cookie + dried cranberry & almonds. Deep cocoa flavor for a thin cookie that pairs well with the sweet, dried cranberry. Cranberries are slightly moist, which was really nice. Didn’t make the cookie soggy or anything, though. Overall complementary and the cookie benefits from not being too sweet since the cranberry adds a lot of sweetness.

Choconut – Raisins, almonds, cocoa. It’s not sweet enough for me. I’m not sure I like how the raisins taste with chocolate. This would probably be good with coffee.

In addition to those four I also received two more. I don’t know where those pictures went, but here’s how they taste:

Gingerspice – No, not the spice girl. But it was as addictive! I figured I wouldn’t like it since I’m not a huge ginger fan, but the little bits of candied ginger and almonds were great. Every bite had some ginger in it. Reminded me of biscotti.

Sesame – I love sesame and these cookies were packed with it. I think they could have been sweeter, though.

Top to bottom: Chocolate Cherry, Original, Cinnaroma, and Choconut.

The crunch in these are insanely addictive. They’re like the potato chips of cookies. One is totally not enough. The little slivers of almonds are just slightly toasted, adding a nice nuttiness to the whole cookie, and it’s wildly easy to eat. Some of them really reminded me of biscotti, albeit less crumbly/messy biscotti.

I’m not sure how much these retail for, but they’d be a nice little splurge for Mother’s Day. I saw some at Roma’s in Latham, NY. They’d also be healthy cookie snacks you could feed a kiddo – no real choking hazard here.

My favorites were the Ginger Spice and Chocolate Cherry, which is odd since they’re two flavors I don’t normally like in a sweet. I’m not knocking it – they were stand outs! Great flavors.

They last quite a while and don’t go stale. I left some out uncovered for a day or two and it didn’t change their flavor or anything. Add in that five cookie slices get you ~150 calories, and it’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

Ok, so the giveaway part. If you’d like to win a box of completely unopened or gnawed on cookies (seriously guys, that’s some self control right there), leave a comment by Monday (with a valid working email). I’ll choose a winner on Tuesday. Please be in the U.S.

  1. I, unlike Cookie Monster, will eat cookies all day long. Me love cookie. Me want free cookie

  2. llcwine said:

    Those look right up my alley…crunchy,yummy goodness. I hope you choose my name!!!

  3. DelSo said:

    I once told a group of 6th graders that I wouldn't be their librarian in the fall because I was moving to London to be the new Ginger Spice. I really think these cookies should be mine.

  4. Robbin said:

    Wildly low fat? Ooooh – these are supposed to be mine! Hubby and I have been “dieting” (really just eating better and moving more but sometimes it feels like torture!) for a while now and to try a new treat would be cool. Thanks!

  5. Those cookies would go so well with the jug of coffee I just made.

  6. I'm in. They were very popular in NY in the 1990's. I've even tried to clone them. Yum and thanks for the offer.

  7. Alison said:

    Those look like super-delicious super-skinny biscotti. Count me in!

  8. let's just say with finals coming up i'm gonna need some late night snacks!

  9. C is for cookie, that's good enough for me (repeat x2)

    Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C.

    I will give those cookies a good home. My belly.

  10. Beth said:

    These look and sound yummy!

  11. Anonymous said:

    I'm not going to say those cookies aren't awesome. This comment doesn't count as an entry to win free cookies….

    I also thought everyone would like to know my favorite new snack are those flavored – almost individually wrapped – seaweed made really crispy, kind of like a potato chip. if a potato chip tasted like seaweed brushed with korean sesame oil and seaonings

    Albany John

  12. Third Auntie said:

    Those cookies look really tasty. Mmmm, and low-cal too!

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