Prairie Organic Corn Vodka

I was at All Star in Latham, NY yesterday picking up some basics. I got my usual hobo wines and cheap liquors, but I also noticed this pretty bottle of Prairie organic vodka selling for $21.99 for a 1.75 L handle.

It’s made out of organic corn, too. Not wheat. Check it my gluten-free friends. That looks like a deal to me.

I wasn’t in a vodka mood, otherwise I would have picked it up. It’s really a good price for vodka, period.

Ok, and I think the bottle looks pretty. Hmm, I might need to go back for it…

1 comment
  1. If there is anything I love more than discounts on fancy booze, it is supporting the production of organic corn.

    Had to get this.

    My evaluation is that it is fine. It's very light. It is not unpleasant, but doesn't really have a lot of character.

    As the warmer weather rolls around, this will make some nice light and refreshing citrus based cocktails.

    I won't be making cosmos, but this would work very well in that drink.

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