Movieland in Schenectady

Just in case you guys didn’t know, Bow Tie Movieland Cinemas in Schenectady, NY has some pretty kick ass movie theater food.

You’re not going to feed a family of five for $10, but it doesn’t put too much of a dent in your wallet, and they take credit cards both at the ticket booth and the concession stand.

Their prices are better than Regal Cinemas. Cheaper, you feel less like you’re getting ripped off (but c’mon, it’s the movies – you know you’re paying a crazy-high premium for those Sno Caps).

They’ve got beer on tap. The only catch is you have to drink it before you go in to your movie. Personally I’d just as rather sneak a few bottles into the theater to enjoy my movie, but that’s just me.

(as an aside, I’d love a frozen margarita machine at the movies. Or in my house. Albany John, get on that.)

However, I think the best thing about Movieland is their popcorn with REAL BUTTER! Real butter in a small chain movie theater! Hooray!

I don’t go to the movies all that often any more (I swore I’d see Alice in Wonderland in 3D, but never actually made it to a theater), and enjoy a bucket/tub of popcorn bathed in the fattiest of liquids when I do go. (Un?)Fortunately, I no longer have the tongue to stand movie theater popcorn with fakey buttery topping. It’s just too heavy and gloppy, and it coats your mouth when you’re done eating it. But slather my popcorn in real butter? You’ve got yourself a winner.

Oh, and their ticket prices are a little less than Regal Cinemas and they show popular movies out. All I know is now I can see both indie and mainstream movies somewhere in the Cap Region and enjoy popcorn with real butter. Hooray!

  1. And free refills on the gigantic tub o' corn. We go there all the time. Next time though, I might get the big squishy pretzel.

  2. Chelle said:

    Love Bowtie. The only place we go nowadays! They really need to work on letting you bring the alcohol into the theater. We saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D there and it was fab!

  3. Anonymous said:

    The spectrum uses real butter too. And they have mint brownies. That's my heaven.

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