Princess Birthday

My neighbor is a Super Mom. For her daugher’s third birthday, she had a Princess themed birthday party.
Since her daughter and I are the same mental age, she invited me to stop on by. And dude, these guys don’t mess around with food. Hell yeah I’m there.

She made the cake from scratch and pulled the castle design out of her head. The turrets are coated in PURPLE GLITTER ICING.
I remember when a brown paper bag of misc candy was a good enough post-fete giveaway. Now there’s purse shaped paper cut out bags?

As soon as my neighbor put the cake down on the table in front of the birthday girl, all of the attendees swarmed the table and started poking in. I guess that’s the thing about three year old guests. They’re so selfish. Jeeze.

That’s where the knife came in handy. They move quickly when you threaten a shanking. I’m kidding. They don’t move at all when there’s a multi-layered pink and glitter sprinkle covered affair in front of them.
I can’t say I’d blame them. It was an awesome tasting cake of awesomeness too.
  1. grace said:

    that's a pretty impressive cake–super mom, indeed! yeah, toddlers are selfish, but they're also weak and small and slow. i can totally outrun them to a plate of food. 🙂

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