Garden Salad

Garden Salad usually evokes the pre-fab wrapped trays of garden salad I could order for lunch in elementary school. I’d try to order the chef salad every now and then because I was generally the biggest girl in my class, and salads were healthy. I was not a big fan of vegetables in general, and every time I’d order it, I’d pick over the hard boiled egg, lettuce, tomato, and whatever other greenery they may have put in there, and ended up eating the strips of ham and turkey cold cuts. Not pretty, not tasty, not filling, and not good.
Eventually I gave up. How could I resist hot turkey sandwich, the fancy Chicken A La King, or spaghetti and sauce?

This salad came from my garden. The lettuce leaves are doing well. The French Breakfast radishes I planted seem to want to pop out of the ground. So I grabbed one, just one, and sliced it up into a small salad for two. Hell, it was a small salad for one, but you know. It was refreshing to eat last night, that’s for sure!

Albany John is awaiting a small but bountiful harvest of radishes. I hope they grow bigger! The French breakfast radish we had last night was a small sphere.

It’s funny – When I was growing up I’d never even think of touching the radish. But now that I’ve tried it, it doesn’t really taste like anything.

  1. lk said:

    salads with radishes always remind me of elementary school lunches. bleh.

    You're right though – they don't taste like much. But on a baguette with butter and a little bit of sea salt? heaven. Try it!

  2. GOOD bread. Not goot. My inner German coming out for an adventure… and not spelling things correctly…

  3. wow, I knew I had sensitive tastebuds (must be the irish and scot in me…mmmm boiled meat) but I find good radishes tasty, and sometimes even a bit spicy for me. I often cut them in half and bring them to work as a snack.

  4. Boots – if there's one thing you should pimp, it's Logan's cooking. Testify!

  5. Caroline said:

    Your garden greens look beautiful. Radishes, to me, are spicy as well. A few weeks ago we were in NYC, having cocktails, and they were the bar snack! Sliced in half, with sea salt to dip. I never would have thought of having radishes with a margarita. But somehow, it worked.

  6. grace said:

    radishes serve only one purpose in my life–crunch. if they ain't crunchy, i have no use for 'em. 🙂

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