Pistachio Ice Cream

If I were a smarter person, I would have gone to The Snowman on Wednesday night. I went last night. The crowds are really minimal after 9 pm, which is a plus for people like me.
The Only 8 flavors were banana (ick) and devil’s food cake (ehh…meh). But then. Lo. Pistachio Nut under the hard serve ice creams.
My dear husbear Albany John has an affinity for, as he calls them, “Old Man Foods”. He classifies pistachio ice cream as one such Old Man Food. I loved the white trash alternative, Jello’s pistachio instant pudding, while growing up (I was SO impressed when my aunt made it). We were trying to think of where one could find pistachio ice cream in the area (he said Friendly’s), and when I saw it on the Snowman’s board, I had to buy it. $2.00 for a small (tax included).
It was okay, but it had these really tart neon green maraschino cherries in the ice cream. The licks I had sans cherry bits were nice and pistachio-y, in a subtle and creamy way. There were even good sized hunks of pistachio nut in the ice cream. Is this a traditional way to have pistachio ice cream? The green maraschino cherries really detracted from an otherwise delightful pistachio ice cream. I would have really enjoyed it if it had just been pistachio, none of this cherry business.
My pistachio hunger has awoken. I need more. So folks, where can I get more pistachio desserts in the area? And I am talking full blown pistachio desserts. No garnishes or subtleties. I want a fire hose of flavor on full blast.
  1. JMP said:

    Personally, I like the pistachio ice cream at Emack and Bolio's a lot. It's the more natural variety – it's NOT green. Typically it's made with salted nuts, which I really like because I'm a sucker for that sweet and salty combination.

    My grandmother used to make this cake when I was younger using a yellow cake box mix and a thing of Jello pistachio pudding, with chocolate chips. Totally WT but so good!

  2. I've made the pistachio ice cream from David Lebovitz's 'The Perfect Scoop' and it is very tasty, with the green tint and pistachio flavor coming entirely from the pistachios themselves. Also, there is a recipe in the April issue of Bon Appetit for Angel Food Cake with Lime Glaze and Pistachios that looks brilliant!

  3. grace said:

    those nasty cherries don't belong in anything except the trash can as far as i'm concerned! who invented them? ridiculous. they definitely taint an otherwise amazing ice cream!

  4. Slacker said:

    Oh man, I do love me some pistachio ice cream! Yum!

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