St Basil’s Greek Festival

I finally got around to checking out St Basil’s Greek Festival this year! It’s a small Greek Orthodox church in Lansingburgh (909 River St, Troy, NY 12180), and boy was it ever packed with people!

I liked the dancing – they had a tent set up outside with dancers, and some hot and cold food stations.

This guy caught my eye. Hello roasting lambykin! We didn’t get any though. They also had an indoor section that had other meals and pastries for sale. I really wanted to try some, but they were a little on the expensive side for me. Honey pastries are never really cheap. It was $2 for a small triangle of baklava, and $2.50 for this pastry cream phyllo thing that also looked really good, but was about the size of a mini hot dog.

And then Albany John made puppy eyes and said he really wanted a chicken souvlaki, so I got him one. I swear, one of these years I’m going to grow an immunity to puppy eyes.

This was $7. The souvalki was okay, but the ratio of meat to bread was off. Soft, fluffy pita, yes, but too much of it. There was a thin line of skewered, grilled chicken, tatziki sauce, tomatoes, and onions. It was too much pita (and I love my carbs). Everything else just got overwhelmed by it. If there was more meat, I think it would have been evened out.

I guess that’s festival prices? I don’t know – I don’t think the foods were outrageously priced, but just a little higher than I’d have hoped for since it was held by a church.

The admission was also free, so it was a nice opportunity to see a glimpse of Greek life. Some folks jumped in with the dancers and tossed out some singles. Make it rain – Greek Style!
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  1. grace said:

    opa! i guess the price of admission was built in to the food prices, eh? sounds like fun though. 🙂

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