Soccer Block Party @ Wolff’s Biergarten

This Saturday was Wolff Biergarten‘s block party for one of the World Cup soccer games. I volunteered to help out, and set my clock for 8:45 am to get primped and ready for my 10 am shift.

I’m normally an early bird, but figured I’d set the alarm just to be sure.

And somehow I managed to turn the alarm off in the middle of the night and sleep until 11 am. THESE ARE THINGS I DO NOT DO. I jumped out of bed and started freaking out, because, dude, I strayed from the plan. How did that even happen? I am a planner, and when I am wildly off plan like that, I spaz out. I was all “OH MY GOSH. I am such a douche! Should I even go in now?” “I should call them. Oh my gosh, but I’m such a screw up!” and “AAAHHHHHHHH” After a few seconds of internal freaking out, I called up, apologized like crazy and was racing out the door to get over there. I mean, I made a promise, and it would suck to be down a volunteer at an event. I hate making bad first impressions, but I hate breaking promises even more.

The kicker is, I don’t even have an excuse for what happened. I was up late reading and being a nerd, but I wasn’t even drinking. On a Friday night! I mean, I could at least have been like “Well, I was wasted, so I probably turned it off or hit the wrong thing”, but I remember setting the alarm and everything. So now it seems there is a nocturnal battle between REM Albany Jane and awake Albany Jane. Jeeze, I need to start drinking more. Clearly.

I was on garbage duty for a little bit. The crowd was so good, there wasn’t much for me to do!

I even got to say hi to Matt Baumgartner! I was really looking forward to being able to meet him, and figured thought “OH MY GOSH, We should be super best friends” since, you know, he’s awesome and all that, and gave me free open bar that one time and I used it before my wedding (and I have spent, like, 30 minutes trying to find that post and I can’t. Dude, I’m a double ass if I didn’t post about that at all, but I SWEAR I did. I remember typing it up and everything. Maybe REM Jane deleted it.), and he holds awesome block parties at Wolff’s. He’s also cute, and it never hurts to have more good looking friends, either.

But I’m a dork from the internet, and I choke when I meet people I really like but haven’t met, so I think it came out as
Me: “Hi, are you Matt?”
Matt: “Yes, nice to meet you, and thanks for volunteering!”
Me (kind of awkwardly) : “Heee, thanks. I, um, I write Albany Eats. The blog. I’m glad to finally get to meet you. Thanks for doing this.”

But he was really busy so hopefully he forgot meeting me and/or how painfully awkward I was. Except that I am reminding everyone now.

At any rate, it was a great event to volunteer for – if they need volunteers in the future I recommend it. It was basically like attending, and helping out every now and then. Wolff’s didn’t work their volunteers to death or anything – they even gave out awesome liter steins, coupons for 2 drinks, and a $50 gift certificate. WOAH!
I probably should have given my drink tickets out to some other volunteers, since I didn’t use them. It’s just a personal preference, but when I’m “on point” or whatever, I like to be there 100% and I just don’t drink. When I worked in the restaurant/nightlife scene I never drank on shift either.
Basically, I got tons of gifts to go to an event I already planned on going to, and I got to help out a little bit too.
If you can’t tell, I got a bit penned in the crowd once the US vs. UK game started. The weather was not great, but there were still tons of people there! I heard around 2,000 or so. I enjoyed watching the game for a little bit too. I’m not a big soccer fan, but I don’t mind watching a game or two.

I eventually made my way to the T-shirt selling booth and helped out there for a little bit. It started to rain really badly after that, so I’m glad that I was under a bit of cover and missed getting rained on!

Oh, and there was also one guy there with scary teeth. I’m sure he was nice, but he totally should have used money for the dentist and not for beer. They were furry and moldy.

A few of the attendees ribbed me about being event security (The only way I’d have looked less like security would have been if I were wearing pig tails).

This was also a great family-friendly event. There were lots of little kiddos running around in soccer uniforms playing with the goal set up.
  1. we unfortunately has a family emergency that forced us to leave town and miss the party. 😦 Looks like a good time though!

    And don't be too embarrassed about the Matt thing. I had like 5 seconds of fame once when someone recognized me from my blog and had a similar approach. And honestly, it made my day. lol!

  2. Mr.Dave said:

    Ha! I was there.

    Observant guy that I am, let me guess… You didn't happen to be wearing an orange/yellow skirt?

    That would be totally weird, because me and my friends were wondering why there were so many people picking up empty cups and stuff. Somebody was like “oh, they are volunteers, like her” right as a girl in with the Wolff's t-shirt in an orange-ish skirt walked by.

    That would be funny.

  3. LK – Phew, at least I didn't miss you!

    Mr. Dave – I can neither confirm nor deny any outfits worn until you say what's up with RFS. We need our ridiculous fix!

  4. Mr.Dave said:


    I explained over on the fussy blog, sadly, the RFS is no more. The posts live on, and you can read a more in depth explanation on-

    Basically, I decided it was silly to spend time on a food blog when I could be running around with my wee 'un. Now I am going to try to combine both pursuits, we shall see what happens.

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