Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei has some great lunch specials. I like meandering up Guilderland way for a lunch box special, but generally get a 2 or 3 roll combo, depending on how hungry I am.

I recently got a three roll combo for $11.50 ($12.42 after tax). They’ve changed their menus up a bit since I last went, and they are now serving them with a can of soda. I passed on the soda when I called my order in. Soda with sushi? I’m more of a tea fiend to begin with.

From Left to Right above: Eel + Cucumber Roll, Spicy Salmon Crunchy Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll.

You can see the Spicy Tuna Roll better from this picture. I think Sushi Tei has the best spicy tuna roll in Albany. Hot, but flavorful, and you can still load it up with wasabi – it’s a different kind of heat. It was pretty mild heat this time, but still enjoyable.

The Spicy Salmon Crunchy Roll was something I was curious about. Crunchy? How can sushi be crunchy? These were bits of panko crumbs, and quite the novelty for me. Didn’t taste much/any spiciness, but still, can’t go wrong with fresh salmon and a little bit of flying fish roe.

Eel and Cucumber Roll was a big futomaki roll! There were 6 pieces of the salmon and tuna rolls, but only 4 of these. But don’t worry, it’s not less – they are jumbo sized rolls. Sometimes they’re hard for me to fit in my mouth in one bite, but I manage.

If you’re in Guilderland, I really recommend Sushi Tei. I haven’t tried Hana yet, but I’ve been dragged to Miyako enough to know not to go there again, at least for lunch. I’d put Miyako on par or below Ichiban. The sushi lunches I’ve had have always been poorly constructed and not the freshest quality, and the cooked non-sushi lunches have always been very greasy.

Oh, and BTW, there’s a Hana Express opening in the food court in Crossgates. I’m intrigued!

  1. I'm w/ you on the meh-ness of Miyako. For some weird reason, that's SB's fave sushi joint

  2. acridian13 said:

    Definitely try Hana. Its a bit pricey, but worth it. Spicy Scallop roll is my fave.

  3. Haha. I just finished writing my review of this place and am waiting for @derryX to toss in his two cents! I did love it and want to go back as soon as I have some extra money 🙂

    Would you like to join us for the next one once we set a date?

  4. C said:

    It's nice to see someplace that doesn't shred their tuna before mixing it with spicy mayo for the spicy tuna roll.

  5. It's so sad – Miyako used to be amazing back in its North Allen days. The bigger location, trying to reach a broader audience and, from what I hear, difficulty keeping sushi chefs, has really taken a toll. Counting the days until Saso comes back.

  6. MiMi said:

    Love, Love Sushi Tei. I've only ever ordered for delivery, is it nice inside?

  7. Kerosena said:

    I haven't been to Miyako in a few years, but I really liked their teppan table dinners.

    As for soda with sushi, YUM. As a recovering Diet Coke addict, I have fond memories of sushi rolls followed by a blast of carbonation!

  8. Anonymous said:

    Is it even safe to eat fish anymore with the ocean polluted with oil?

  9. WGFooie said:

    Completely agree about Miyako. My husband and I haven't been there in over a year thanks to a disappointing lunch. Sushi Tei on the other hand is at the top of our list in the area as a go-to sushi joint. The quality there (sans a day or two out of the year) is up to par. We've tried Hana and still prefer Sushi Te. If you're looking for a more Japanese-like sushi, go to Sushi Tei. If you're looking for fusion/Western-style sushi, go to other restaurants like Hana or Koto.

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