Art on Lark, Sausages, & Farmers Markets

Saturday was Art On Lark! Lark Street is closed off from traffic, and the streets are lined with vendors, musicians, and family friendly activities. It’s a really lovely way to spend the day.

I usually just attend, but this year I decided to volunteer, too. I was there early in the morning to help with the initial set up. It didn’t take up too much time at all, and I was glad to be able to help out and have a good time.

It was still really quiet when I was done helping around 10 am when it officially started. No music, not too many people – it was the quiet before the storm.

I really liked this terrarium vendor’s goods. Especially the hanging glass terrariums.

I was also getting over (or trying to) being sick. I pumped myself full of Dayquil and hoped for the best. I made it through my volunteering just fine (and thankfully it was light work), but shortly afterward I lost steam.

I bought an iced chai at Scratch for $3. It’s weird – I know Scratch has been around for a while, but whenever I go in I just don’t find anything in their display to look all that appetizing.
I found out the amazingly decadent treats at Romaine Brooks Gallery (on First Friday) are from Scratch, and decided to give them another go on Saturday. Same deal – the treats in the fridge display looked a little dried out. The mufins looked moist, but I’m not much of a muffin person, so I just went with a drink.
The chai was exactly what I was hoping for – sweet, cooling, really refreshing. I was initially kind of bummed to see it come out of a box (I mean, $3 for something from a box?), but it was just what I was hoping for: really tasty. I’ll keep an eye out for the box at the Co-Op to make at home. I got it with soy milk – I like the chalkiness soy milk adds to chai.
And then I turned into a zombie and Albany John walked me around Art on Lark and the side streets for a little bit before I demanded SAUSAGES (I’m a food zombie when I’m sick) from Rolf’s Pork Store. They have the BEST sausages in the area. And smoked meats too, but I’m all about their sausages.

You can see the guy at the counter caught me taking a picture!

And then I demanded we go to the Menands Farmers Market. It was a little late, so things were winding down there. For some reason when I’m sick, I get it in my head that one perfect food exists that will make me all better. There isn’t, but I end up stuffing our fridge with groceries when I start feeling sick.

After that, I decided I needed EMPANADAS. EMPANADAS WILL CURE MY SICKNESS. So we went to the Troy Farmers Market.

I ran into Joe & Nora! They thoroughly lambasted me for not attending the previous day’s Troy Night Out, and then got in line for some food.

Oh Magdalena’s – how I love yew! If there was something that could clear my clogged head, it had to be Magdalena’s! There was a huge line when we got there too – people are quick to find the good eats!

Got a watermelon agua fresca for $1.50. Good price there – it was so light and refreshing. Basically, like pureed watermelon.

$3.50 might seem steep for one empanada, but it also comes piled high with black beans, cheese, greens, and tomatoes. Plus salsas on the side. It’s also one pretty big empanada, too.

I also added all of the spicy condiments that I could. Boy did they make me feel better! The red might seem like it would be the hotter one, but the green salsa is the one that really packs the heat.
We found a spot to sit in the shade by the river. I love running in to friends like that!
After all that excitement (you’d think I was turning 85) I went home and napped.

And then woke up and ate sausages and some salmon (Hannaford had wild caught sockeye on sale last week).
Oh Rolf’s sausages. You are so good. So, so good.
Oh yeah! I also got some greenery at the Troy Farmers Market. Kale! I usually hate the stuff, but guess what? THEY ARE AWESOME AS CHIPS. Just rub them with a bit of olive oil, season em’, and bake them under 300F until they crisp up. ADDICTIVE AND HEALTHY.

Mmmm, garlic brats. The garlic sausages were huge! But somehow Albany John and I made our way through them.

So good, and then I fell into a food coma and slept for another 12 hours.

  1. E. said:

    Sorry to miss you at Art on Lark… I agree, the terrariums were awesome!

  2. I was sorry to miss ya too! But I kind of entered Zombie Levels pretty quickly. Albany John said he saw you!

  3. Hmmmmm Rolf's! They are so reasonably priced too

  4. My German grandparents (both born there, refugees in England, etc) swear by Rolf's. They go and stock up every few months or so. I have yet to make the trek downtown, but have had this hankering for Weisswurst for a while…

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