Footsy Magoos

On Sunday Artsy Designer Friend was working, so we met up him for lunch in Troy. I know Troy’s not really busy on Sundays, but jeeze – it was really quiet.

We met up at Old San Juan Cuisine (387 3rd Street, Troy, NY). I only recently heard about it, and HELLO, YES PUERTO RICAN FOOD!

I should have called ahead, but instead I trusted Google’s hours of operation. I trusted you, Google.

Here’s the inside of Old San Juan from what I snapped after pathetically pressing my face and camera up on the glass, hoping that I would magically see someone. But I called up, and they’re open tomorrow (Tuesday), so man, I might have to check them out for dinner. Their facebook pictures look mouthwatering.

We got back in our cars and headed for Monument Square to try and find something do-able. Artsy Designer Friend is also celiac, otherwise I would have been pushing for Red Front.

HEY LOOK WHO’S OPEN! It’s Footsy Magoo’s (17 1st St, Troy, NY). They don’t have a lot of info up online, but they’re right around River St and 1st St (on the corner), across from the YWCA.

Albany John loves Footsy Magoo’s because they have skii ball. For $0.25. I like the high ceilings, and fully stocked bar. Yum. They must have a tall ladder to write on those pipes above!

The interior has tons of kitchy decorations all over the walls, like an Operation board game, gold spray-painted shoes, and stars chalked all over.

The kitchen is separate from the bar (cafeteria style) so order up around the staircase.

I didn’t catch the bartender’s name, but she was awesome. She helped craft up something for ADF to eat, since he can’t do the gluten thing. She really seemed to care for her patrons, went above and beyond to make sure everyone was comfortable, and gave Footsy Magoo’s a homey vibe. I think that’s the difference between people who see the service industry as a quick way to make money, and people who also see it as a career.

These were on the special board for $0.25 each. And I was having a wicked Reese’s craving the day before. ADF got four of them. I lurve them. So peanutty and salty-sweet. I wanted at least 8 more on my way out, but whoops, I forgot!

Here are some nachos our awesome bartendress thought up – shrimp nachos! She told the kitchen how to make them, and only charged ADF $7, which seemed quite reasonable and nice.

There was sogginess at the bottom, but ADF ate the whole plate quite happily.

Albany John had a great Manhattan. So well made – a really refreshing and well made whiskey drink for a Sunday afternoon.

I felt like drinking bottled beers, and they were nice and cold!

I forget what the name of this sandwich was, but it is ham, brie, guacamole, and veggies. YUM, major yum. I got it on a wrap (normally it’s flat bread, but they were out – either way, works for me). Great combination of all flavors – they all blended together for one tasty sandwich.

I liked that the ham was thickly sliced. Way better than thin deli ham. Really gave the sandwich some body.

Albany John got the Shea. It was rare roast beef, horseradish mayo, tomato, and brie. It was on toasted bread (he got rye). I’m not sure if the whole sandwich was supposed to be hot, or what, but the bread was lightly toasted on the outside (kind of like a panini), and the insides were cool. I liked it. The beef stayed rare, and man, brie + horseradish mayo… Footsy Magoo’s might just turn me into liking mayo. Just maybe. It was meaty and creamy in all the right ways.

Sandwiches are $8.00, and come with major handfuls of kettle chips.

Our bill for 3 drinks and 2 sandwiches was $31. Not too shabby, Footsy Magoo’s!
We left their nice and chilly AC to walk back to our cars in the humidity that typifies Summer In New York. Can you tell how steamy it looks in Monument Square?
I know I’ll be headed back to Footsy Magoo’s – it seems like a great spot to leisurely enjoy a Sunday afternoon, or head out and spend the evening for drinks. Albany John is already jostling his handful of quarters in my ears going “Skii ball. Skii ball. Skii ball…”
  1. Skii ball & drinks?! I say “skii ball PAR-TAY!”

  2. Anonymous said:

    I've been there only once when I was in town and the bartender and owner were extremely nice. Would definitely go there again!

  3. derry X said:

    I've been meaning to try Old San Juan. I'd be willing to go there for a dinner/lunch meetup! I can even help navigate the menu with my mad Spanish-speaking/Puerto Rican cuisine skills.

  4. Chelle said:

    Oh so excited to read about Old San Juan's. Thanks for hooking me up! Make sure someone tries the pernil 🙂

  5. grace said:

    an awesomely-named place that has tasty food and skii ball must not be missed.

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