Raw Zucchini & Carrot Salad. Kind of.

Summer time seems like a good time to venture into the world of raw foods. My sister’s a raw food vegan who doesn’t eat tomatoes and waffles on nuts, which means ‘cooking’ a meal for her can be a pain in the ass sometimes. I say that with love. More power to you if you love the raw food diet, but I don’t like restricting what I eat. TASTY FOODS ARE MY DIET. Raw, cooked, whatever, it’s all good to me.

Some things I find to be a bit silly with raw food, like not cooking your food, but some recipes say it’s okay to heat things as long as they don’t reach past 110 or so degrees. Either cook it or don’t right? Oh, and dehydrators are okay, too? I mean, I get where they’re going with it, but it seems like an awful lot of wasted energy for food that doesn’t change all that much… m foray into raw food (beside sashimi) is going to not be 100% raw. I have way too short of an attention span.

I mean, I also love using my microwave and will never stop using butter, so it’s not like I’m perfect to raw food peeps either. OH MY GOSH, and COOKIES. WHAT ABOUT COOKIES?! I JUST REALIZED COOKIES ARE BAKED!!! Raw foodies, I will fail you at every turn. Look, agree to disagree, ‘kay? JUST BE HAPPY WITH MY BABY STEPS.

I made a raw zucchini and carrot salad. Those components were raw. I just used my vegetable peeler to make the long ribbons. Very little waste. And my sister would be happy to know I used zucchini from the co-op, so I won’t turn my brain into stupid-goo with pesticides. I’m kind of convinced she thinks it’s gonna happen.

Any way, so carrots and zucchini. Then a sauce. I called up the co-op to see if their tahini was raw. It’s not. They always sound so apologetic when they have to say no. “I’m sorry, none of our tahini is raw. We can’t find any. I’m sorry.

Whatever! I just want this to taste good, so I did tahini, sugar, soy sauce, lime juice, rice wine vinegar, shiro miso, and some water. So I pretty much covered it in a ton of non-raw things. I think this is okay because they were in my pantry, so I’m not running out buying new, expensive things that I’m not gonna use that often. I bought some raw almond butter to use in a recipe for my sister, and GOOD LORD that stuff is expensive. And not that tasty. Not much flavor at all. It was like $6+ for half a pint.

Then I tossed it with some sunflower seeds for a texture contrast, and pulled some fresh cilantro out of a window container.

Raw zucchini noodles are tasty. I thought it would have a dry, bitter mouthfeel like eggplant, but cut up into thin strips, it was vegetally refreshing. However, if they were just plain raw zucchini “noodles”, it would get boring quickly. Sauce was definitely necessary, and I really recommend the cilantro to brighten things up if you have it. Just add the sauce ingredients to taste – it added some zip to everything and made it feel more like a dish. I wouldn’t say a meal… I used 2 zucchinis, and it was like a really big but unfilling appetizer for Albany John and me.

I’d bring this for a summer side dish to a picnic or something. It’s not like you’d have to worry much about it since it’s uncooked and all.

  1. Anonymous said:

    raw hippies are tasty too

  2. The declaration that tasty foods are your diet cracked me up. I whole-heartedly agree!! Life's too short to subsist on raw veggies.

  3. I made a rendition of “raw” zucchini and carrot salad as well. Search for 'Grated Zucchini Salad' here: wgfwoodie.wordpress.com. I think you have my old blog address in your links 🙂 Anyway, I couldn't agree more with your pov on raw food diets. My husband and I once tried making a raw lasagna and oh – what a disaster the xanthum gum and yellow powder that was supposed to be cheese was. Come to think of it, I toasted the pine nuts I added to my “raw” salad. haha. I tried.

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