Cheap & Pretty Soup

Here is some soup I had for breakfast and lunch one day. I made it partially because I’m trying to shake a cold, partially because it was what was in the fridge, partially because I want to use up leftovers, and mostly because I am lazy.

It was really easy, and really, really cheap.

Albany John thawed some broth recently (“What kind of broth?” “I don’t know… broth.”) so the liquid base was free. I think it was turkey. Tasted deeper than chicken.

Tossed in some salt and white pepper, plus fish cake slices. Heated in microwave, ate with some leftover bok choy. Pickled probably would have been better, but this bok choy was getting old in the fridge, so it was halfway there.

I love fish cakes. Bless the Japanese for making a seafood item that can also come with a built-in design. They don’t taste like much (a little on the sweet side), but add a little protein and substance to quickie soups. Fish cakes work well in any medium – hot pots, nabemono, soups, bento lunches… I’m not sure if I’d make a sandwich out of it, but I’m sure you could try that too. This particular kind was a little on the dry side, making it better suited for liquidy purposes. I also used it in a stir-fry, where it picked up some flavor and moisture in the cooking process.

I picked it up at the Asian Food Market on Colvin for $2.09. It’s not a large package, but it’ll last a while since you slice it up into thin slices from a small block and is more an accent than a centerpiece.

  1. Is it me or do the words “fish cakes” make you think of a term of endearment?

    “aw! Yr my sweet little fish cake”

  2. I love the endless variety of fish cake and fish balls. Just when you think you've tried them all another one raises its head.

    Mmmm. Yummy fish heads.

  3. p – I love it! I think I'm gonna try and adopt that one. Fish cakey šŸ˜‰

    Dan – Fish heads… *homer simpson drool*

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