So… Sue (+) Me!

The lovely Sue invited Albany John and me over for dinner on Friday night, and off to Schenectady we went!

Sue made the best sangria I’ve ever had – Cointreau and not triple sec! Such a difference! You can see her beau above holding a goblet! Yum!

Naturally, we set up camp in their kitchen watching them cook – I love watching people cook. Sue and her rock are chopping up some herbs and cheese here.

THINGS ON STICKS!!! Sue is marrying a fantastic griller! SexyBeast put on quite the spread for us – grilled veggies, venison (that he killed himself!), and chicken with spiedie sauce.

Sue made a tasty-tasty couscous, too. Went really well with the skewers. So healthy, too!

In addition to having a great time with friends, I had the best venison ever. Still moist and plenty meaty – so good.

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