The Submaker

Albany John and I went to Alive at 5 last night, which featured Gloria Gaynor. It was more for the people watching than the music, although Ms. Gaynor was probably the best act I’ve seen there. Really on key, and a good crowd of fans enjoying her music.

The people watching was primo-Albany summer quality. Hopefully I added to it because I was dead tired, but insisted on tagging along since Albany John was going.

After a while we decided a burger or something would hit the spot, and hit up Big John’s set up. It was mostly run by teens when we got there, and dude, they had burgers sitting in the same pan as green bell peppers. EW. I’ve never seen that before. I mean, it’s vendor food so it’s going to be overpriced and not that great, but why would you let it sit/cook in pepper juice?
Albany John couldn’t help but comment on how gross it was. The guy behind the grill looked like he didn’t really care, and offered to pick off as much of the bell peppers as he could. Were they all out of burgers? Why wouldn’t they just offer to make a new burger? At any rate, that put us completely off of the food at Alive at 5 (probably for the best).
We decided to leave, and headed over to see what was in Menands. We found The Submaker right on Broadway (603 Broadway, Menands, NY – the main area of Menands, heading into Watervliet). How anyone could resist that cute yellow building is beyond me.

It’s a small set up, but the air had the smell of crisply griddled meat wafting through it. And tons of AC blasting, too. It’s just a counter and griddle, with some coolers for the meats, and some sodas.

If you also can’t tell, their prices are very attractive. Their ‘regulars’ are foot long subs that come on Bella Napoli rolls. Oh, you’re in for a treat right there. Good bread is a great start to a good sandwich.

Still hungry for a burger of some sort, we decided to get a regular cheeseburger sub. $6.12 after tax. There are many other sandwich options available as well, and ‘mini’ subs. I’m guessing they’re half rolls.

Overall, they have a lot of sandwich selections, but don’t veer off into much else. Some macaroni and potato salad, and oddly enough tacos and burritos, but otherwise they keep it simple. No fried foods here, just stuff that can be made on a stovetop griddle.

The staff were very nice, and chatted with us as we watched them make our sub.

Mmm, a bit of grease peaking out of the edges of the sub wrapping. I like that. It’s a promising side.

Here’s my half. All subs come with lettuce, tomato, onion, and sauce/dressings. We got horseradish sauce/dressing. It may have been horseradish and mayo – mild, but a nice kick.

The patty was thin and extended through the entire sub. No half inch of bread at the end here. The thin patty went well with the bread and toppings. The tomatoes were also of very good quality, too – fresh tomato flavor, and no mealy texture. A nice, solid cheeseburger. Oh yea, we got provolone. Nothing stood out over the other, and this was a good thing. I could see myself doubling the meat, which doesn’t cost that much more.

One regular sub would be quite easy for one person to reasonably eat as a meal. And a double meat sub would work for someone with a big appetite, or for two people splitting the sub. This is because the rolls are long and thin – they aren’t monster-sized sandwiches, and are easy to enjoy without feeling stuffed to the gills.

They take credit and debit cards, and are open for lunch and dinner (11 am – 10 pm). Personally, I can’t wait to try out some of their other subs on offer.

  1. SB was making drooly noises in my ear as I read this post 😀

  2. I go to The Submaker at least once a week. I love Joe's food, and I will say this – try the fried onions on anything!Delicious!

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