Badass Burrito

Rochelle, M, Albany John and I went to Badass Burrito in Lansingburgh/Troy, NY for food and drinks on Saturday. M was going to show me how to change my breaks brakes (haha, can you tell I don’t do car stuff that often?), but it turns out I didn’t need to change them after all, and then it started pouring, so we figured food would be fun.

They had a limited menu when we went – just veggies, chicken, and beef tacos and burritos. I don’t know why they did, but that was disappointing since those are the least adventurous kinds of options to get for burritos/tacos. I’m not really sure why they gave us menus since there wasn’t much/anything to choose from.

Thankfully, they had $1.50 PBRs fully stocked for us!

M’s a vegetarian, so with the limited menu there wasn’t much for him to choose from. He got chips & salsa. It was really pretty, and the chips are heavily seasoned with cumin, salt, and probably other seasonings I can’t detect.

R ordered one beef taco, but got two by mistake. They were quick to apologize and the 2nd one was on the house. They were packed with beef, and pretty greasy.

Albany John got a beef burrito ($7). It initially came out cold, but they were really quick about remaking it hot. The staff there are always super helpful and very nice, which is what usually pulls me back in again.

This was a huge burrito, and was made of beans, cheese, rice, and beef. No lettuce or other greenery getting in the way. Solid stuff. I like how flavorful they spiced the beef – it was almost like jerk ground beef. Down side was that it was just such a gut bomb. I like big fat greasy burritos, just – woah was it, um, filling. Sat a little too heavily in my stomach.

I didn’t get anything because, like I said, I wasn’t really jumping at anything on the limited menu.

Overall, I like Badass for the service and drinks, just not so much for the food. I usually treat it as a neighborhood bar type of place over an actual restaurant. Cheap drinks, and secondary food.

  1. That's a shame that their menu was a little more beefed up for a Saturday night (oh accidental cute pun!)
    But HOLY MAMMOTH burrito!!! It looks like you would need 5 hands to eat it 😀

  2. Anonymous said:

    They're spelled “brakes” (on a car)

  3. Anonymous said:

    Funny you have a food blog yet you like pbr. Pbr is piss water beer. Kinda takes away your credibilty.

  4. P – I figured since they'd get some promo from the Pig Out they would have had a full menu. Maybe it was a long day?

    Anon – fixed, thanks! Haha.

    Anon – When did I get cred?! Haha! Can't help what the tongue likes.

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