Troy Pig Out

Albany John and I went to the Troy Pig Out on Sunday. Saturday was the people’s choice competition, with rib sampling and such. I drove by on Saturday around noon and saw a wonderful haze of smokin’ goodness, but was basically too lazy to sit it out since the ticket buying started at 4, the contest itself started at 5:30… and it was hot, and I don’t really like large crowds any way, so laziness won out.

But it looks like the Lakeside Smokers were the winners of this year’s competition. They had their piggie sitting in front of their tent. You can see a bottle of La Fin Du Monde sitting by his right hoof, too. Too cute.

Sunday was also crowded, but I don’t think it was as crowded as Saturday. I found parking quite easily in Troy’s parking garage. There were still several food vendors set up, so Albany John and I did a walk around to see who was there.

Dinosaur BBQ was doing a steady business in pulled pork sandwiches for $6.00. Quite a fair price for a festival.

Brunswick BBQ had a tent up and had a few different things on offer. All were surprisingly affordable for a festival. Albany John saw the Brunswick Stew and ordered a small cup ($2). He had just been reading up on what brunswick stew was and was excited to be able to give it a try.

I thought it was a solid stew. Smoky chicken, and some veggies in the mix. It reminded me of gumbo. Quite nice, I’ll give it a go if it’s on their regular menu.
They also had a pulled pork slider for $2. Yeah slider! I got mine with sauce. The pork initially looked kind of like pork floss (pork sung). I was thinking it would be dry and chewy, but it was actually quite moist and flavorful. I couldn’t really tell much about the sauce, but I didn’t dislike it.

Brunswick BBQ & Brew is located at 3925 State Highway 2, Troy, NY 12180. It’s like going to The Epicurean, only you take a right like you’re going to Grafton. It also used to be a restaurnt called Stixx, which always cracked me up when driving to Grafton Lakes State Park.

I have always driven by, but now that I have been able to sample some goods, I will give Brunswick BBQ & Brew a try when I am in the area.

The last/first time I went to the Troy Pig Out, I think I tried these same vendors from Boston, MA. M & M Ribs. They also had a sticker on the front that said “Big Moe”. I couldn’t resist the smoky smells coming from the charcoal grill just to the right of this picture.

We got half a rack of ribs for $11. It was 7 ribs. They were nice a moist, but didn’t have much smoke to them. They were more grilled. grilled really well, but still, grilled. They were slathered with BBQ sauce and given new homes in two of Albany’s most pork-loving tummies.

I was regretting not trying any of Brunswick BBQ & Brew’s ribs, but thankfully I will be able to do so within the year since they are a local place.

Yanni’s Too also had a booth. They were quite showy and snazzy. They definitely won “tallest booth” contest. If there was one. They won last year and were offering ribs for sale. I was thinking about trying last year’s winner, but didn’t. Funny thing – they were selling full racks of ribs for $22, and half racks for $10. Um… So you save $2 by buying half a rack of ribs? Or two half racks, as it were.

At any rate, I left shortly after filling my gullet with porcine goodness. They crowds were nice, and they had some sprinklers out too. Lots of families, and such.

  1. Chrystal said:

    I went on Sat. and tried the ribs from Yanni's Too, they were good though really peppery like covered in black pepper. On Sunday we got ribs from Hannaford on Wolf and I thought they were better, they make them in house and they are smoked. You can find them near the deli in the cold prepared food section. $10 for a whole rack!

  2. triple dang! 3rd year in a row we've missed on the porky goodness

  3. 4urface said:

    pissed that i missed it! would b cool to meet you 😦

  4. Chrystal – yikes, glad I missed Yanni's! I couldn't do the pepper overload. I'm sure Hannaford's ribs were nice, I just don't like the pork they use (Smithfield), so I abstain from their pork products.

    p – how has SB let this happen 3 years in a row?! He's droppin' the ball!

    4urface – yes, it would have been easy to spot me – find the sweaty chick slathering her face in ribs, trying not to get her hair in her mouth while eating. lol.

    Alan – well said! I agree wholeheartedly!

  5. llcwine said:

    I was there on Sunday…around noon, not too crowded, and had a great time, listening to Champagne Hangover, talking with the competitors, kids got to jump in the Bouncy Bounce. We shared pulled pork and brisket from Hickory BBQ which was great, as well as lemonade, some brewskies, and other goodies. It was a beautiful day to be outdoors, and over all, a nicely run event.

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