Sushi Tei – Sushi & Sashimi Lunch Box

Oh Sushi Tei lunch specials, how I love thee – so affordable, so tasty, and so fresh.

I’ve yet to find another solidly reliable sushi source in the area. It’s dependably very good sushi – I never have to wonder if I’m going to get something dubious. And it fits in very well with their homey Japanese cuisine, as they price it accordingly.

Anywho, I was feeling especially hungry one day and got the sushi & sashimi box lunch combo. It was by far the most expensive box lunch at $13.95, but well worth the price. You may remember the time I veered away from my old standby and went to Kitsu for similar box lunch. I was quite disappointed by the quality of the seafood I recieved and surmised my money would have been better spent at Sushi Tei. It definitely was!

It also offered more selection. There were:
6 pieces of sashimi (two each of sake (salmon), maguro (tuna), and white tuna)
4 pieces of sushi (maguro, sake, shrimp and white fish (fluke?))
Tuna Roll (6 piece roll)
Miso Soup
Iceberg Salad

Appetizer of the Day (fried croquette)

Wow! That’s a lot of food!

I was expecting something similar to the sushi & sashimi, but was surprised with the tuna roll – I was just expecting rice in that compartment. Quite a good surprise! Personally, it makes this lunch more of a good deal to me.

And there was another one of those delicious croquettes as the appetizer du jour!!! Mmmm, I was happy to eat one of them again. It’s like a Japanese take on dim sum turnip cakes.

The sashimi were fresh. I especially liked the white tuna. Sadly, they forgot to include soy sauce, but I had extra nearby. I mean, I got take out… I think this box is also a great example of the difference between sushi grade and sashimi grade fish. The fish topping the nigiri are a little less vibrant in color, and are cut differently from the sashimi.
Not saying I want “old” fish on my sushi, but there are differences in the grades of fish, which we often don’t see in this area. It’s usually cuts of the same fish, just on rice or flying solo as sashimi.

And oh my gosh, they were not playing around with the wasabi on this trip! It’s usually pretty mild, but I figured after the 2nd time my eyes started watering and mouth started burning that maybe I should go with less than what I normally order.

  1. hellz yeah! What an amazing deal, too. There are cheap places to get sushi here in Ann Arbor, but they aren't any good. Boo.

    I wanna croquette.

  2. Bootsy – I'm always up for a good deal. Aw, bummer – isn't AA next to a lake or something? Maybe?

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