Day Two in the Deep South

Read about Day 1 in Mississippi here.

On our second day, we drove over to my Dad’s hotel to meet up for breakfast. I noticed a Krispy Kreme with glowing “Hot” sign on our way over. I begged and whined asked if we could stop in, and hooray, we did!

We got the baby a cup of iced coffee and a few original Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I’m kidding – he’s not eating solid food yet. We just tossed some extra creamer in the coffee for him.

BTW, I forgot how sweet iced drinks are in the south. I got mine without milk, and it still came loaded with sugar. Not bad, but wow was that a sugar rush in the morning.

After that we toyed around with the idea of a picnic at the local reservoir. I say ‘toyed around with’ because no one in their right mind would actually have a picnic outside at high noon in Mississippi in August. We thought about getting a crawfish boil to snack on at a table there.

We visited Mudbugs Crawfish at 1299 Old Fanin Road, Brandon, MS. They were closed and opening mid August. We just missed them. Ugh. No crawdads for us.

However, there was a farm stand on Old Fannin Road right next to Mudbugs. I had to stop in and see it. You could see the tables of peaches from the road!

They had an impressive selection of beans. Albany John saw a guy leaving with one of these huge bags and had a big twinge of jealousy. They were all fresh, and about $20 for huge sleeves of shelled beans. Here are those peaches. They were from Alabama. They looked very juicy. We wanted to get some, but weren’t sure how much longer we’d be in the car and didn’t want them to turn to mush in the heat.

Here’s a section where you can buy beans by weight. Look at ’em, all lined up and pretty!

We couldn’t help but feel envious of this sign. Fall tomatoes. Now is the time to plant fall tomatoes. A second season for tomatoes! I’m still waiting for my tomatoes to turn red.

After that we hit up one of the places on list of restaurants to try. I found some really neat local blogs – Carpe Jackson and The Cynical Cook. They were a great resource for someone looking for good food in the Jackson, MS area.

My dear husbear makes fun of me and my moderately obsessive planning tendencies, but after eating at Taqueria La Guadalupe (6537 Old Canton Road, Ridgeland, MS) I think he might see some method to my madness. These were excellent tacos. I’d written “AWESOME, MUST TRY” on the list. Everyone seemed to love this place. And Taqueria La Guadalupe did not disappoint.

They had some Hispanic flags and light decorations on the wall, but it was, for the most part, a pretty barebones taqueria joint. We had 5 of us and the kiddo, and had a bit of a squeeze into a booth. It’s more for take out of smaller groups. They did have a high chair, though.
The menu. Hola, mami! I’d heard tell about the crispy tripe tacos and tongue tacos and had to order them. They’re not on the menu board, but they’ll make them for you.

Several hot sauces. The green was mild, red hot, and the orange was tongue-numbingly hot.

Albany John and I ordered 7 tacos between the two of us, and we could have easily eaten seven more. They were all great! The soft, thin corn tortilla was pliable and tender – not thick or rubbery at all. Yum. The fillings were a bit hard to figure out, but we’d all ordered basically the entire menu of tacos, so we poked around a bit and figured it out.

The tripe tacos seemed more like intestine. They weren’t honeycomb or deep fried crispy, but looked like intestines that had been crisply seared on the grill. Either way, it was AMAZINGLY AWESOME. It tasted like chicharrones, and had a great chew to it. No funkiness at all. Just goodness.
The tongue taco was intensely beefy. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but oh man was I glad I ordered this one. So good. They said they’d make any kind of taco or burrito you wanted. Bro and I were seriously considering a tongue or tripe burrito to go.

This was definitely a real-deal, authentic taqueria. Beautifully dressed tacos for $2.25 each (they have a lunch combo – 3 tacos and a drink for $7.50) that tasted SO incredibly good. If you’re in the area, you can’t miss going here – just amazing.
So after an early taco lunch, we hung out a little more. The baby got all tired. I guess we should have ordered a shot of espresso for him in his coffee.
Bro, Dad, Albany John, and I headed out to cross off another restaurant on my list, and on the way there passed a Sonic. Hooray, Sonic!

They even take credit cards now. The display is hard to read, but woo hoo, credit cards at Sonic!

They make their cherry limeades in diet now! Woo hoo! I got a large diet cherry limeade. Check out that pellet ice! So good!

After getting our drinks, we headed over to find La Omonia bakery, another local place I found through the small network of local Jackson, MS bloggers. Albany John and Bro thought it was called La Ammonia Bakery and were wondering why the hell we’d want to go to a place called ammonia. Okay, I guess the two sound alike.

We arrived later in the day and they were all out of baked goods. But we did see a blue Honda with Lambo doors parked just out front. The inside looks like it used to be a Quizno’s and they haven’t changed much. La Omonia seems to be primarily a take out kind of place any way, so it doesn’t really matter.
I think I was undercharged. It was only, like, $11 for all the food I ordered. I think it should have been a little more. I guess it just shows that wearing mini skirts pays off, hunh?

This little container of fried plantains came with caramel or sour cream. We chose caramel. They were fried to perfection. A few crunchy ends that had become caramlized themselves were great.

Margarita was at home takin care of the baby, but we saw a Honduran section on the menu, and Bro was like “Yeah, you better order something for her,”. I forget what this was called, but it was like a breakfast quesadilla.

I thought I was just ordering something with black beans and cheese, but those ingredients came topped over an egg. Margarita said something about eating it for breakfast growing up, and how their beans were perfectly Honduran.

I got a smoked pork torta, which is a fancy way of saying “sandwich”. It was about $6.50 and the size of a football.

The strips of pork were nicely smoked, and the sandwich had some cheese, avocado, lettuce, and side of chipotle sauce.

It was fine. I would have ordered tacos, but they made you order in 3s, and I wanted to order them solo. Besides, this was just a snack before dinner. Mmmm, second lunch.

We noticed this adorably retro place called Bop’s that served frozen custard. I had to try some.

They ask you if you want ice with your pint/quart orders. You should probably say yes. Even in a car with AC, it still melts pretty quickly. This pint was something like $3.50, I think. Maybe $4. Either way, it was also good stuff.

We dove right in to our pint of vanilla custard. It had a pleasant eggy flavor to it. Yum, good frozen custard. It’s not much different than ice cream or gelato, just richer in eggs. Either way, I would sure love a frozen custard shop in Albany.

We munched on the frozen custard at Bro’s place. My dad ensured cat loyalty by giving their finicky feline a massage.

After that, Margarita and I went out shopping for a dress for her to wear to the kiddo’s christening. We wound up in a Stein Mart, which I can only descirbe as Cougariffic. The clothes were geared more towards women of a certain age trying to dress like women of an earlier age. Or an earlier decade.
I found this lovely gem for only $35. A sleeveless jumpsuit with flapper fringe all over the top. Better tell all those young whippersnappers at Sadie’s to watch out, ’cause Albany Jane’s a comin’ and is ready to par-tay.
Margarita and I were laughing in the dressing room, and I had three cougars come up and tell me how great it looked.

We came back and the menfolk had cooked up some beef stew out of a chuck roast. Really yummy – melt in your mouth tender beef.

Read on to Day Three
  1. diggin' that outfit, mama!

    big word up the non-ripeness of the tomatoes. at least our cherry tomatoes are ready to eat

  2. Haha, it's so retro it's in again, right?

    And your tomatoes look fab!

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