Capital Q & Discgolf

While my Mountain Man pal from Colorado was visiting the mister, they played a significant amount of discgolf. They went to all of the fields in the area. I went with them to the Schenectady one. There were black berries around the first few holes, which meant I had to keep running to Mountain Man, Slick (he came too), and Albany John as they changed holes and I had to tear away from gorging on berries.

If you’ve never played discgolf, it’s like frisbee and golf, only you can play them both with a drink in one hand. Or you can run them like Mountain Man likes to do. There are elevated “holes” or goals to shoot the discs at, and each “hole” is set up like golf – there are certain pars for each hole.

I am lazy, so sports and physical activity of any kind aren’t really my cup of tea, so that’s about as comprehensive of an explanation as I can give. Albany John loves it though, so if you ever want to go you can leave a comment and I’m sure he’ll go with you.

Once we got to the ‘cross the mucky river’ section of the Schenectady field, I got a little less enthused about watching them play. The course at Schenectady is set up throughout the park, so you’ll do some traipsing.

After that the boys lost a disc and I headed over to the Rose Garden and took eighty bajillion pictures and sniffed every flower.

The next day, we headed to Capital Q for lunch. Mmmm, meaty, smoky goodness! Such a clean area, and they have some specials posted above the grill/fry area under the menu.

And tons of sides. Yummy.

We got a bunch of food. BYOBed a PBR each – asked ahead of time and they said it was cool if we had some. Mashed potato balls (killer), slider meal with mac & cheese, some smoked chicken thighs (always good, and cheap!), some collard greens… mmm, lots of smoky things here.

And one order of fried okra!

Inside shot – I don’t like gummy okra, but this was tasty fried. Not gloppy at all. It was like a cross between a not-hot jalapeno and a zucchini in terms of flavor. Get some – they’re good.

And store-made pickles! These were spicy. Like, insanely spicy. Was hoping for more of a cool, salty post-meal refresher, but these had us reaching for our drinks instead!

After that we went to Ravena to play discgolf at the other close course. Mountain Man and I saw this motel-ice cream-sub shop and asked Albany John to pull over. It’s called Martin’s and is on Rt 9W, Ravena, NY. They had a creepy section of rideable kids toys, too (the kind you put quarters in).

I got a soft serve vanilla ($2 for a small) and Albany John got a peach frozen yogurt ($2.25 or $2.50). The vanilla was very creamy. Yummy. The peach fro-yo had chunks of peaches in it.

Nice surprise from an ice cream-motel-sub shop we randomly pulled into on Rt 9W.
Here are some of their prices. It’s a pretty basic shop.

And then more discgolfing.

  1. So… Capital Q looks to be my new nirvana, and when I go up yet another waist size, I will blame this site. Just saying.

  2. I heard about the “frolf” course @ Central Park in Sch'dy.

    Yr post reminds me that I have yet to visit Capital Q

  3. Alan – just eat the meat. Then it's low carb, riiight? 😀

    p – let's do it one weekend! PBR, ho!

  4. grace said:

    ah, fried okra–one of the south's most awesome contributions to the planet. 🙂

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