Just Beachy

After returning to Albany from Mississippi, Albany John and I were back for all of a day before we headed out again. This time we went to Vermont to enjoy some of their scenic roads and beautiful beaches.

One of my pals back from CDFI days offered to drive. Hadn’t seen him in person in almost 2 years! Woah. Drive was uneventful. The place I like going is not too close, but not too far. It necessitates a drive through Bennington, which can be painfully slow, especially when there is traffic or construction (there was… oy).

We soon made it to the beach. Mmm – DS, a towel on a ledge of rock, and some sandwiches. Unfortch I’m a ditz and completely didn’t realize my pal driving was a vegetarian of 10 years. He was cool though, and just noshed on some of his fruit, which means I ate all of the extra sandwiches Albany John and I brought. (What? We’re on the beach. I’m gonna look lumpy either way, so I’m gonna eat a sandwich while I do it) I really enjoy cool sandwiches on the beach. Just perfect beach food, ya know? (I like getting bread from Bella Napoli [get the squishy/soft sub rolls!], and the deli meats from Roma or Cardona’s [hello, cappy and turkey!])

It was nice to be there. Perfect weather (especially coming from the sauna that is Mississippi), and nice folks to randomly chat with. I haven’t been all year. Man, it feels like this has been one busy year.

Oh, and Albany John burned the crap out of his back, even though he wore sunscreen. Not enough evidently. I thought I burned a bit, but I haven’t actively tried tanning since I was 15, so I think I’m confusing tanning with burning. Either way, I am a darker shade of me.

And in typical me fashion, Sistah came up a few days later, and within 3 days, I was back at the beach. She grew up going there as a kid, so it’s practically her second home.

But before we left I made waffles. In my HELLO KITTY WAFFLE MAKER that Albany John found at a thrift store for like, $4. Best of both worlds: Hello Kitty, AND cheap.

Sistah brought her cousin, who’s a vegetarian/vegan (although she modestly just says she’s picky). I found a cool waffle recipe that didn’t use eggs. I didn’t have any non-dairy milk though, so I used powdered milk. They came out so well, though! I’d use the recipe again, for sure.

This was my first time making waffle in it, so some Hello Kitties are a little more tanned than others. Usually Albany John makes me Hello Kitty faces to eat, and he eats the other Sanrio characters.

I used this recipe from the Fat Free Vegan, and just used powdered milk since I didn’t have anything else to use. Okay, and probably 1/3 c coconut milk too, because it’s too good not to add and there was an open can in my fridge. And Sugar in The Raw because it seemed more vegan-friendly than white sugar and I didn’t have agave nectar, but basically everything else is the same.

It was a cold day at the beach the 2nd time we went, but we had a few breaks of sunshine here and there. Oh well, that’s what we get for living the the Northeast. Hoodies in August, AMIRITE?

  1. Aw, man! I would have had a slightly hard time eating those Hello Kitty waffles. Hmmm…..sweet and delicious 😀

  2. josie said:

    OMG! I still love Hello Kitty!

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